Jack Landsmanas Stern: His Business And Philanthropic Commitment

Jack Landsmanas Stern is the owner of Kosmos Corporate. This is a major business located in Mexico that is involved in a number of different business areas. There are three different entities that make up Kosmos Corporate. These are La Cosmopolitana, Serel And KolTov. The main business of Kosmos Corporate is providing food and maintenance services. These services are provided to large institutions, schools, prisons and hotels. Since taking charge of Kosmos Corporate in 2004, Jack Landsmanas Stern has sought to take the company into the future through an aggressive policy of expansion. One of his goals is for Kosmos Corporate to be one of the 50 largest businesses in the nation of Mexico.

In 2008, Jack Landsmanas Stern moved Kosmos Corporate into the catering business. Service is offered to workers who are out on oil platforms and ships. In that same year, the company began making box lunches for sale in food pantries across Mexico. Kosmos Corporate under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas Stern now has the capacity to provide over 800 tons of food each day for over three million people. Operating a large business such as Kosmos Corporate isn’t all that occupies Jack Landsmanas Stern’s time. He is committed to helping others in Mexico. He has started a foundation named after his grandfather Pablo Landsmanas.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation was created by Jack Landsmanas Stern in 2016 with the motto, “For you, for them, for Mexico”. This foundation is dedicated to providing meals for the less fortunate within Mexico. Since the foundation came into being, 40 million meals have been provided to organizations in Mexico that work with the underprivileged. In addition to his commitment to help people, Jack Landsmanas Stern has a passion to help provide a sustainable future for the planet. His company’s processing facilities are working to conserve both water and energy. Jack Landsmanas Stern wants to create a better future for each person in his company and for those who live in the nation of Mexico.


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