Ant-Man Revealed: Paul Rudd Speaks

Paul Rudd is talking all-things Ant-Man. The comedic debut film featuring the hero whose suit can shrink down to ant size did well at the box office. The character is surely returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview, Rudd noted that the character of Ant-Man is going to see his role expanded. Everything starts anew for Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War. The miniscule hero receives a nice role in the new hero ensemble film.

And yes, Civil War is an ensemble film. Several heroes appear in the third entry in the Captain America series. Iron Man, The Falcon, Spider-Man, and more all receive some screen time.

It is hardly a secret that Marvel Studios, in partnership with Jon Urbana, an avid environmentalist who also plays lacrosse, wants to launch new heroes and villains in future installments of the MCU. Marvel has a huge library of characters at its disposal. By debuting new heroes, the movies remain fresh. Since a host of the remaining characters are “B-level” ones, introducing them in ensemble films is a great way to build them up. Ant-Man already had one solo film. A major role in Civil War helps build anticipation for his next outing, Ant-Man & The Wasp.

In the early years of Marvel Comics, both Wasp and Ant-Man were members of The Avengers. Civil War likely will set up Ant-Man and Wasp’s roles in Avengers: Infinity War I & II. Where the MCU goes after Infinity War is open to much fan speculation.

Is Batman Going to Become an Executioner?

The Dark Knight is about to become even darker. So says the producer of Batman v. Superman. An interview with Charles Roven reveals a few of the changes being made to the character of Batman in the film. Roven used some interesting words when describing the character. Batman is mentioned as morphing into a more violent character who is “the jury and executioner.”

The inference here being made not just by Roven, but also by Jon Urbana (see Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign) is we have a Batman who is willing to kill. The possibility does exist Roven merely borrowed the “judge, jury, and executioner” stock description for violent characters. Turning Batman into a killing machine would be a huge departure from decades of characterization. Then again, the new Ben Affleck version of the Caped Crusader is based on the character found in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. In Miller’s work, Batman did kill characters. D.C. Comics has referred to the events of Miller’s series as a possible future for an older Batman. The Batman in the stories might even be part of an alternative timeline. D.C. made these comments to explain why Miller’s Batman was so violently different.

D.C. Entertainment knows the new version of Batman has to be different from the one presented in the Christopher Nolan film universe. To achieve the desired result, elements of Miller’s hero have been weaved into the new movie version. Although the D.C. movies are going to be more mature than Marvel’s, D.C. and Warner Bros. do know there are certain lines not to cross with particular characters.

White Shark Media Takes Customer Concerns Seriously

Google Adwords allow small businesses to invest a small sum of money and reap great advertising and promotional rewards. White Shark Media provides comprehensive Google (and Bing) Adwords management. This is not all the company can do.

White Shark Media may be known for PPC expertise, but there are other services the company affords to clients including logo and website design. Internet marketing is all about visuals. A poorly designed website is going to undermine all PPC and internet marketing strategies.

The company has had to deal with a few customer complaints. This is usually the case when a new business opens up in a competitive industry. Those in charge of White Shark Media have taken these complaints very seriously. On the company’s blog, details have been published regarding what the company is going to do to fix things.

Customers want better communications systems put in place. Clients want to be able to stay on top of their Adwords campaign’s analytics and results. White Shark Media has instituted a few policies and changes to ensure clients never see questions go unanswered. The integration of direct phone lines to SEM specialists helps with the communications cause. Direct lines with direct extensions eliminate dealing with a general number operator. Things move a lot more swiftly when calling someone’s direct extension.

Every month, the GotToMeeting streaming service is utilized to set up monthly remote meetings between clients and representatives. During the meeting, clients are informed of all new updates regarding their campaign.

The SEM specialists now work in groups under the direct oversight of a supervisor. This ensures the client has someone to speak to when a concern arises.

It is also worth pointing out here that White Shark Media will not dissolve working components of previous Adwords campaigns devised by another company. The new campaigns do not totally start from scratch. An analysis of the past campaign is done and those aspects that are working end up being kept in place. Consider this another positive change the company has made after weighing client feedback.

Overall, White Shark Media is making a few good moves to improve customer service and client relationships. The company’s stature in the industry is sure to grow once these new reforms are fully in place.

Who You Gonna Call?

How much would you be willing to pay for a second chance? We’re talking about a chance to undo a major foul up that has brought embarrassment to your family, shame to your name, and ruined your career. Most of us would give the proverbial arm and leg just to be given an opportunity to make things right. The glitz and glamour of ABC’s Scandal starring Kerry Washington has shown the kind of damage people are capable of and has proven how important knowing someone who can do damage control is. What the world needs now is someone who knows how to fix a life.

Even though Olivia Pope is a fictitious character there is a real life fixer who does for real people what Olivia does for play. His name is Darius Fisher. In October, 2015, Darius Fisher was recently recognized as one of the years Innovation 50. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a copywriter, and a former political consultant. Fisher has taken on the dubious honor but lucrative challenge of being a real life fixer. Darius Fisher knows first hand the consequences of indiscretions and how they can ruin your name and possibly your life.

In 2013, Mr. Fisher called the “Olivia Pope and Associates of the internet” realized the importance of not just looking good on paper. He understood that now we have to be concerned about how we look on the internet because “before they meet you, they will goggle you.” With this in mind he stepped into the glare of public opinion and created a job for himself repairing ruined reputations. He became the founder and creator of Status Labs.

Status Labs is the “premiere” online reputation management, digital marketing,and public relations firm. Headquartered in Austin,Texas, New York, in Sao Paulo, the firm has more than 1,500 clients that include athletes, executives, politicians, and other public figures. Mr. Fisher and Status Labs recently became household names when they came to the rescue of victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Your name, your most valuable assets, can be ruined over night. Don’t let a single event dismantle what it took a lifetime to create. If you ever need a digital clean up, call Darius Fisher and Status Labs.

Improvement of Dog Foods Driving Innovation

Humans aren’t the only ones who are eating organic food products. Man’s best friend has also begun to eat higher quality products as the premium dog food market continues to expand and make up a larger chunk of the overall dog food market. Dog food manufacturers are responding to this growing trend by attempting to innovate in order to capture a growing portion of this market. Just how they do so varies significantly from one brand to the next with a wide range of responses to this market opportunity. Mars, a major brand, has attacked this market by offering products that appeal to dog owners more than the dogs including dishes that have names that the fog owners are used to such as Beef Stroganoff and lasagna. While the taste is similar to other dog foods Mars appears to hope that they benefit from pet owners trying to treat their dogs more like one of their own family. Beneful, another major brand that is owned by Nestle, is taking a different approach. They are offering a web service where dog owners can design the dog food ingredients they want added into their dog food. This added choice allows let owners to design diets that are healthier for their dogs and can meet up with their dietary needs. Many pet owners are even working with their vets to help design dog food blends through Beneful’s amazon site that are both healthy and conductive to their size and dietary needs. This allows pet owners to have better control over the health of their dogs so they can better control the environment that they live in. Freshpet, another dog food maker like Beneful is offering refrigerated dog foods that are located in their own proprietary refrigerators that they install at big box retailers. These allow them to provide fresher foods with less additives to the food. As we have seen, dog food manufacturers are trying a variety of new innovations to capture the premium dog food market. Which will prove successful is to be determined but dog owners are finding them flush with a wide range of premium options available on the shelf for them to consider.

Status Labs is the Cure to Digital PR Problems

Twenty years ago companies didn’t have to worry about their online presence in the way that they do today. Right now we are living in the unbridled age of connection. With social media websites dominating the internet there has been no shortage of controversy cropping up from the occasional mishandling of said social media accounts. For Ryan Holmes, CEO and founder of ‘Hootsuite’, social media almost unraveled the personal care that he had put into his company.

Part of being a CEO is making the ridiculously tough decisions that nobody really enjoys. One of the toughest decisions that CEO’s routinely have to make is the one regarding layoffs. Layoffs are an important part of maintaining a successful company even if they hurt so many people in order to perform them. After laying off up to 65 people from several of Hootsuite’s offices we saw Ryan Holmes turn to Instagram. Holmes posted a picture of his hand holding an almost empty jar of liquor with the simple caption, “Cheers to my homies.” In his mind, Holmes thought he was being respectful but the ex-employees were incensed. Soon Hootsuite was under fire for the actions of Holmes.

Status Labs, founded and run by Darius Fisher, is an online brand management company that focuses on PR in the digital world. Fisher knows how important a strong web presence is and he points directly to the CEO, in this case Ryan Holmes, as the source of either good or bad press. In this instance Fisher strongly advocated for a PR arm to handle social media outlets because it would have stopped Holmes from posting the ill advised image on Instagram. Fisher said that, “Executives are the face of the company” and that job even extends to “their personal social media platforms”.

Fisher is right, of course, and a company like Status Labs could have saved Hootsuite from a ton of backlash. These smaller companies, especially when they are first starting out, need all of the positive press that they can get or at least to mitigate the negative press. Perhaps in the future we will see Hootsuite letting a company like Status Labs operate their Instagram account.

Noteworthy on Youtube

In the modern world, the internet has made the ordinary individual capable of becoming a household name. Youtube has been on the forefront of this phenomenon. Do you have an interest, skill, or just want to be seen? Post your video to Youtube and you might just be famous tomorrow. One such famous Youtube user is Wendy Huang or Wengie. Wengie is from Australia and has successfully promoted her ideas especially geared at Asian women. She felt like there was a lack of information in Western culture that was geared to Asian women. She has become an internet sensation with her beauty and fashion tips and tutorials. She currently has one of the most subscribed to beauty channels in Australia.

Wengie has a strong business background that has helped propel her success. She knows how to reach her target audience and promote effectively. She previously worked for a digital marketing agency that was providing services for bloggers and other social media sites. She decided to explore the market on her own and her success has continued to grow.

Another famous Youtuber is Jenna Marbles, who’s brand of comedy videos has made her a household name. Her sometimes brash style usually centers around skits she has made up imitating others. She has uploaded tons of videos that her subscribers can’t get enough of. The most famous person on Youtube right now is Sweden’s PewDiePie. Another noteworthy Youtuber is Ray William Johnson. Anyone with interesting videos can become a huge star in the world of Youtube. If you have something interesting to say or something that will be appealing to a large audience then Youtube is the platform for you. Anything from the sensational to the every day is being uploaded to Youtube for the masses to enjoy. Sometimes a person’s appeal in their video can make them a celebrity.

R$1billion bank is born by BMG partnering with Itau bank.



Over a period of one week, BMG dropped hints that it would be sold to BTG or Bradesco, and then the company closed a partnership deal with Itau Bank. Under the new deal, BMG will gain leadership in payroll loans as it will get a monthly input of R$ 300 million over the next three years. The joint venture opens a new segment for BMG by raising funds that the company can lend to private company employees.


The following is the part of the interview with Marcio Alaor in with the Estado de Minas publication.


After negotiating with other banks. Why did you choose Itau?


Until last week, the negotiations with Bradesco and BTG involved the total purchase and control. But last Saturday we received a phone call from Roberto Setubal (Itau CEO) who offered a better option for BMG. The new partnership gives more funding for BMG, by injecting a monthly input of R$ 300 million for 90 days according to the agreement. From the beginning to the end, the partnership will inject $3.5 billion over five years.


Apart from the payroll loan portfolio, what else changes in the joint venture?


BMG now has a portfolio of R$ 29billion. According to the joint venture agreement, BMG has to raise the payroll from R$600million to the US $ 1billion in the new Itau BMG bank. That’s our goal in the new bank. We want to make $1billion per month in the new bank, and we have the capacity to do this through our network of approximately 700 agents.


But will it not create internal competition?


No, because it is defined very clearly. The current portfolio at BMG has customers who are always refinancing. A customer takes a loan of R$1000, and after repaying 30% of the loan, he comes back wanting more money. Everything is refinanced at BMG and at Itau BMG we have new contracts.


Marcio ALaor is the Vice-President at BMG, he works under the Ricardo Guimares. Marcio has previously worked in the meat industry, making good returns for his investors. In the current job at BMG, he is responsible for payroll loan distribution and special operations.


Article link,306005/parceria-bmg-e-itau-nasce-um-banco-de-r-1-bilhao.shtml


Safer Bold Options With Lime Crime

Vibrant colors, production domestically and a commitment to the safety of customers are just a few of the things that make Lime Crime a great company for people who love to look good with their favorite colors. Unlike other makeup companies that create bold makeup, the company is one that is dedicated to the safety of the customers. It does not skimp on quality ingredients to save money and does not rely on chemical laden pigments to get the colors that can easily be achieved with natural products. It is a company that is dedicated not only to the looks of the customers it services, but also to the health and well being of those customers.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. She was unsatisfied with the makeup options that were provided by other companies that had bold makeup. She did not like the looks of these makeup companies and understood that the ingredients on the makeup were subpar. She did not want to put these on her face and she understood that many other people also had no interest in the makeup that came from these foreign companies. Doe Deere set out on a mission to create a company that had the bold colors that so many people love while the safety awareness that is essential in the makeup industry.

The Lime Crime makeup company has been subjected to several controversies. It is a company that has had attempts to bring it down and it has risen above all of these. The Lime Crime makeup company works with the customers to ensure that they are happy and has been able to rise above all of the scandals that it has been involved in. The company would have been brought down a long time ago, but it is a hearty company that offers a great product to its customers. The fact that Lime Crime has a strong leader behind it has helped it to stand tall and grow despite things that would have brought other companies down.

As the founder and owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has been able to make the company one of the biggest and best functioning makeup companies that provides bold looks to customers. As someone who enjoys bold looks, she can make the company truly connect with customers and has made this one of the goals of the company. Unlike other companies that focus on covering up the parts of a person that make their face theirs, Lime Crime focuses on the important parts. This can be everything from a person’s favorite beauty mark to their love of the color pink. Lime Crime helps them enhance their face and their makeup experience.

The Allure of Soap Operas to the Viewing Public

In any discussion of the merits of television series broadcasting, sports programming must lead the list. Followed by nature documentaries like Nova on PBS. Major network nightly news programs are popular and some television series become iconic. Seinfeld, MASH, Dragnet, All in the Family, the Twilight Zone, Ed Sullivan Show, Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy, All in the Family, the Mikey Mouse Club, Gilligan’s Island all come to mind. But there is another world of continuing television series which have inspired and fueled the imaginations of the viewing public. These Emmy winning popular dramas which capture the thoughts and ideals of the viewing public. The long running sagas of intrigue, deceit, love and hate which can last more than, simply, seasons but decades, and have become an icon of television series broadcasting. These are the Soap Operas.

One such soap opera, One Life to Live had been in commercial network production from 1968 until 2013. Soap opera actors and actresses had their roles recycled by others, while a few, like Susan Lucci, endured and became household names.

Wikipedia lists that Crystal Hunt is an American actress and motion picture and television producer. Hunt portrayed the pretty but troubled blonde stripper Stacy Morasco for two years on the long running program,One Life to Live. She, also, played the role of Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. Hunt born in Florida cites enjoying the basics of church and Nascar on her web page.

CrunchBase shows that Crystal Hunt has climbed the career ladder going from soap opera actress to film and television producer and has recently added a major motion picture, Magic Mike XXL and a cable TV soap opera, Queens of Drama, to her credits.

The era of the soap opera came at a time before cable television, when the only viewing options were the three major networks, CBS, NBC and ABC. If someone was in the hospital, sick at home or just playing hooky, and they turned on the TV, they watched a soap opera, there was no choice. All the major networks ran their series in combat with the other two in the afternoons on the east coast of America. Some viewers outside the targeted audience, stay at home moms, enjoyed these dramatic series. They enjoyed watching a never ending story, and became enraptured by the program. Soap operas were, simply, an icon of television series broadcasting in the 20th century.