Search Cleanup Deals With Comments Tarnishing Your Business’ Reputation

There are a lot of things in the world that seem unfair, like how hard it is to build up a reputation and how easily it is to taint it. That is the battle a thriving business has to deal with, and it is one where the odds are stacked against you.

Handling Problematic Ratings or Scores

Serving people does mean you have to interact with different types of people. There is no doubt that most of your clients are honest and would not want to harm your business. But that does not mean that you will not experience a mean-spirited client aiming to taint your reputation.

One thing you need to remember is to never let your emotions get the better of you. You would not scream at a customer in front of others, right? That is exactly the attitude that you want to show online as well. You can respond to the complaint or remark but do so professionally and with the focus of resolving the disgruntled client’s issue. For example, ask the client how he or she believes that you can improve the service.

The key is to make sure that you show just how committed you are to satisfy any demands within reason, of course. Do understand that there are some comments that simply cannot be rectified and answering them would make you seem unprofessional. It is important to consider experts like the team behind who can help clean up your online reputation.

Another strategy that may deflect an attacker’s comments could be offering more value to your loyal customers. The customers you did get came to you because of the value that you provided. Value is what matters most to a customer and will easily go beyond a distasteful comment that the good people at may be able to take care of.

The point is to stay focused on the goal, which is the satisfaction of your customers. But do understand that you will not win them all, so do not feel discouraged. As a teenager might say, “haters are going to hate.”

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Politico Talks To George Soros About The Current Financial Crisis

There is not a financial crisis on today, but this is still a concern for people like George Soros. He is a billionaire who has made a lot of money on investing, but he is also very interested in global politics. George Soros wants to make sure that every country in the world is making the right decisions, and he does not think that that can happen unless countries are informed of how close they are coming to repeating history. He talked to Politico about how the world economy today mirrors the world economy in 2008, his fears about a global crisis and what can be done to stop it.

Wasting time getting to problems is a really big problem in Europe and China. George Soros has invested all over the world, but he also lives in Europe where he can see financial problems play out. The Greek debt crisis was so bad that is nearly bankrupted a country, but the EU did not move very fast to do anything about it. That was such an issue that Greece is still recovering to this day. George Soros is talking to the press and as many leaders as he can to make sure they will not wait to deal with financial issues today.
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China is a great place to invest because it has been growing for a long time, but there is no way for people to invest if China cannot keep up with their growth projections. China is supposed to be growing at a fast rate, and they are not projected to do that today. China is going to be in a position where they have to protect their currency, and it is important for them to come up with a plan that can be actionable right now.

George Soros is also talking to investors about how they can make their money go farther, and he think that his lessons are going to be helpful to investors who are starting to become afraid of investing in China or the EU. Volume cannot go down too far or the global economy will stop collapsing. It is a lot like what happened in 2008, but it will be the Chinese economy that takes the biggest hit this time.

George Soros knows a lot about how the economy functions, and he works a lot in political circles to make sure the right leaders are in place. He has given money to political leaders who he wants to see in place to help the world stay stable, but he is still concerned that other world leaders are not listening. His desire to help the world become a better place for every investor is something that distinguishes him from others.

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An Alternative To Essays That Benefits Wikipedia Users

Millions of people use Wikipedia to increase their knowledge, and students write essays to prove their knowledge of a subject. Combining the two by having students write a Wikipedia entry instead of writing a final essay makes perfect sense. This way, an untold number of people will benefit from the student’s research at the University of Sydney, and the online encyclopedia will gain additional material. Wikipedia exacting standards for unbiased, fact-based writing and backing up each statement with a citation are similar to writing a college-level paper, which is likely the reason why more people do not create a Wikipedia page for themselves or their business. 

Since it’s challenging to make a Wiki page, business owners often don’t bother to create one for their company. A Wikipedia page increases a company’s visibility on Google and enhanced the organization’s reputation with consumers; nevertheless, businesses are missing out because the owner has trouble following the complicated Wikipedia writing guidelines. If composing a Wikipedia entry is akin to writing a university-level essay, it’s no wonder harried business owners would rather pass up the important branding benefits of having a Wikipedia page about their company than create the entry. This is why it is best to hire Wikipedia editors from a Wiki writing company. 

Get Your Wiki is an ideal resource for business owners who want to reap the benefits of having a Wikipedia entry about their business, but who don’t time to study Wikipedia’s guidelines. The Wikipedia editing service creates neutral Wikipedia entries about businesses, making certain that each fact is backed up with a proper citation. Get Your Wiki’s services makes it easy for business owners to get the Wikipedia page they need, without the hassles associated with Wikipedia’s style and content rules. They will also edit a Wikipedia page to keep it current and accurate. They monitor each page they set up and will make the necessary Wikipedia revisions as they come up.

Securus is Helping Inmate Communications to be Fair and Secure

Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides communications equipment and services for the law enforcement community, civil and criminal justice systems and for public safety. Securus also offers inmate communications technology which allows prisoners to keep in touch with their family, friends and associates.

The Video Visitation App gives people the ability to use their mobile devices or personal computers to talk to inmates. They can do more than just speak to their incarcerated family members; they can also see them face to face. You can download the app from Google Play here >> technology from Securus helps inmates to stay closer to their families; especially when it is hard for people to travel to a prison facility. Young kids no longer have to spend so much time away from their incarcerated parents and inmates have been known to function better since they can see their loved ones more often. Another advantage is that people no longer have to be charged for collect phone calls.

The inmate communication technology can be used for a fee. The FCC has been trying to limit rates for interstate rates pertaining to inmate calls. Securus had to go to court over this issue and has won their case. What this simply means is that Securus can charge competitive rates for inmate phone calls while still earning a profit.

The FCC has always been trying to help inmates and their families to avoid unfair charges pertaining to inmate communications. Securus wants to work with the FCC in this regard. This company wants to ensure that inmates are not being excessively charged and they want to make sure that prisoners and their families are not being exploited around this issue. Both parties are currently trying to reach a resolution about this issue.

Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Securus supplement for health promotion nor the Securus America site for agents.

Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a domestic violence victims center.

Status Labs Experiences Fantastic 12 Months

Status Labs started out a few years ago, and the company has grown immensely in only a short period of time. With 1,500 clients and counting, the company’s revenue coffers have reaped more than a few rewards. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has reaped a few rewards for his work. Fisher’s name was placed on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list, a list designed to shed light on up and coming stars in the digital marketing profession. Fisher’s managerial skill has definitely helped take the company to new heights. No one will deny that.

The past 12 months have been very positive for the growth of Status Labs. The year saw an increase in the number of professional marketers and SEO experts working at the Austin, TX headquarters. These professionals also helped Status Labs get involved with a number of ventures with other companies in the Austin region. While the company does have offices in New York and San Paulo, and clients do come from 35 countries worldwide, maintaining a solid home base is necessary for success. Effectively stabilizing the company’s presence in Austin has done a lot for this cause.

Darius Fisher has also done a great deal to enhance the company’s profile. Coming up with the idea to offer free crisis counseling to victims of the Ashley Madison dating hack to submitting opinion pieces on Forbes’ website, Fisher has helped draw a lot of attention towards his company.

The attention Status Labs has received allowed the firm to procure some very high-profile clients and advisors. The new trustees and advisors helping the company, in particular, bring forth an enormous amount of support and assistance. With their advice, Status Labs should experience even more success throughout 2016. Status Labs has far more great heights to reach, as time will reveal.

Ant-Man Revealed: Paul Rudd Speaks

Paul Rudd is talking all-things Ant-Man. The comedic debut film featuring the hero whose suit can shrink down to ant size did well at the box office. The character is surely returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview, Rudd noted that the character of Ant-Man is going to see his role expanded. Everything starts anew for Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War. The miniscule hero receives a nice role in the new hero ensemble film.

And yes, Civil War is an ensemble film. Several heroes appear in the third entry in the Captain America series. Iron Man, The Falcon, Spider-Man, and more all receive some screen time.

It is hardly a secret that Marvel Studios, in partnership with Jon Urbana, an avid environmentalist who also plays lacrosse, wants to launch new heroes and villains in future installments of the MCU. Marvel has a huge library of characters at its disposal. By debuting new heroes, the movies remain fresh. Since a host of the remaining characters are “B-level” ones, introducing them in ensemble films is a great way to build them up. Ant-Man already had one solo film. A major role in Civil War helps build anticipation for his next outing, Ant-Man & The Wasp.

In the early years of Marvel Comics, both Wasp and Ant-Man were members of The Avengers. Civil War likely will set up Ant-Man and Wasp’s roles in Avengers: Infinity War I & II. Where the MCU goes after Infinity War is open to much fan speculation.

Is Batman Going to Become an Executioner?

The Dark Knight is about to become even darker. So says the producer of Batman v. Superman. An interview with Charles Roven reveals a few of the changes being made to the character of Batman in the film. Roven used some interesting words when describing the character. Batman is mentioned as morphing into a more violent character who is “the jury and executioner.”

The inference here being made not just by Roven, but also by Jon Urbana (see Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign) is we have a Batman who is willing to kill. The possibility does exist Roven merely borrowed the “judge, jury, and executioner” stock description for violent characters. Turning Batman into a killing machine would be a huge departure from decades of characterization. Then again, the new Ben Affleck version of the Caped Crusader is based on the character found in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. In Miller’s work, Batman did kill characters. D.C. Comics has referred to the events of Miller’s series as a possible future for an older Batman. The Batman in the stories might even be part of an alternative timeline. D.C. made these comments to explain why Miller’s Batman was so violently different.

D.C. Entertainment knows the new version of Batman has to be different from the one presented in the Christopher Nolan film universe. To achieve the desired result, elements of Miller’s hero have been weaved into the new movie version. Although the D.C. movies are going to be more mature than Marvel’s, D.C. and Warner Bros. do know there are certain lines not to cross with particular characters.

White Shark Media Takes Customer Concerns Seriously

Google Adwords allow small businesses to invest a small sum of money and reap great advertising and promotional rewards. White Shark Media provides comprehensive Google (and Bing) Adwords management. This is not all the company can do.

White Shark Media may be known for PPC expertise, but there are other services the company affords to clients including logo and website design. Internet marketing is all about visuals. A poorly designed website is going to undermine all PPC and internet marketing strategies.

The company has had to deal with a few customer complaints. This is usually the case when a new business opens up in a competitive industry. Those in charge of White Shark Media have taken these complaints very seriously. On the company’s blog, details have been published regarding what the company is going to do to fix things.

Customers want better communications systems put in place. Clients want to be able to stay on top of their Adwords campaign’s analytics and results. White Shark Media has instituted a few policies and changes to ensure clients never see questions go unanswered. The integration of direct phone lines to SEM specialists helps with the communications cause. Direct lines with direct extensions eliminate dealing with a general number operator. Things move a lot more swiftly when calling someone’s direct extension.

Every month, the GotToMeeting streaming service is utilized to set up monthly remote meetings between clients and representatives. During the meeting, clients are informed of all new updates regarding their campaign.

The SEM specialists now work in groups under the direct oversight of a supervisor. This ensures the client has someone to speak to when a concern arises.

It is also worth pointing out here that White Shark Media will not dissolve working components of previous Adwords campaigns devised by another company. The new campaigns do not totally start from scratch. An analysis of the past campaign is done and those aspects that are working end up being kept in place. Consider this another positive change the company has made after weighing client feedback.

Overall, White Shark Media is making a few good moves to improve customer service and client relationships. The company’s stature in the industry is sure to grow once these new reforms are fully in place.

Who You Gonna Call?

How much would you be willing to pay for a second chance? We’re talking about a chance to undo a major foul up that has brought embarrassment to your family, shame to your name, and ruined your career. Most of us would give the proverbial arm and leg just to be given an opportunity to make things right. The glitz and glamour of ABC’s Scandal starring Kerry Washington has shown the kind of damage people are capable of and has proven how important knowing someone who can do damage control is. What the world needs now is someone who knows how to fix a life.

Even though Olivia Pope is a fictitious character there is a real life fixer who does for real people what Olivia does for play. His name is Darius Fisher. In October, 2015, Darius Fisher was recently recognized as one of the years Innovation 50. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a copywriter, and a former political consultant. Fisher has taken on the dubious honor but lucrative challenge of being a real life fixer. Darius Fisher knows first hand the consequences of indiscretions and how they can ruin your name and possibly your life.

In 2013, Mr. Fisher called the “Olivia Pope and Associates of the internet” realized the importance of not just looking good on paper. He understood that now we have to be concerned about how we look on the internet because “before they meet you, they will goggle you.” With this in mind he stepped into the glare of public opinion and created a job for himself repairing ruined reputations. He became the founder and creator of Status Labs.

Status Labs is the “premiere” online reputation management, digital marketing,and public relations firm. Headquartered in Austin,Texas, New York, in Sao Paulo, the firm has more than 1,500 clients that include athletes, executives, politicians, and other public figures. Mr. Fisher and Status Labs recently became household names when they came to the rescue of victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Your name, your most valuable assets, can be ruined over night. Don’t let a single event dismantle what it took a lifetime to create. If you ever need a digital clean up, call Darius Fisher and Status Labs.

Improvement of Dog Foods Driving Innovation

Humans aren’t the only ones who are eating organic food products. Man’s best friend has also begun to eat higher quality products as the premium dog food market continues to expand and make up a larger chunk of the overall dog food market. Dog food manufacturers are responding to this growing trend by attempting to innovate in order to capture a growing portion of this market. Just how they do so varies significantly from one brand to the next with a wide range of responses to this market opportunity. Mars, a major brand, has attacked this market by offering products that appeal to dog owners more than the dogs including dishes that have names that the fog owners are used to such as Beef Stroganoff and lasagna. While the taste is similar to other dog foods Mars appears to hope that they benefit from pet owners trying to treat their dogs more like one of their own family. Beneful, another major brand that is owned by Nestle, is taking a different approach. They are offering a web service where dog owners can design the dog food ingredients they want added into their dog food. This added choice allows let owners to design diets that are healthier for their dogs and can meet up with their dietary needs. Many pet owners are even working with their vets to help design dog food blends through Beneful’s amazon site that are both healthy and conductive to their size and dietary needs. This allows pet owners to have better control over the health of their dogs so they can better control the environment that they live in. Freshpet, another dog food maker like Beneful is offering refrigerated dog foods that are located in their own proprietary refrigerators that they install at big box retailers. These allow them to provide fresher foods with less additives to the food. As we have seen, dog food manufacturers are trying a variety of new innovations to capture the premium dog food market. Which will prove successful is to be determined but dog owners are finding them flush with a wide range of premium options available on the shelf for them to consider.