Why Mike Baur Left Private Banking to Launch Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur appeared on an interview on Swiss Startup Factory to tell his story and offer insight into his choice of career and the launch of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). When asked about why he decided to quit his career and start the SSUF, he said that his 20-year stint as a private banker made him want to leave and pursue a new career line. He said that he was keen on supporting incubator projects that had potential for growth and success. He added that the name factory was chosen because of the firm’s mandate to build companies from the ground up.


Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF) was launched in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. The startup accelerator looks for digital entrepreneurs with the potential to thrive in their chosen ventures and provides them with exciting opportunities like financing and global networking. SSUF runs a 3 month-long accelerator program for startups. What this means is that, it provides startups with coaching, mentorship, office space, financial resources, entrepreneurial networks, and other vital services. This ensures that entrepreneurs are equipped with knowledge and enough resources to start and accelerate their ventures. Today, the SSUF is a leading, independent, and privately financed startup accelerator firm in Switzerland.


Mike Baur


Mike Baur is one of the founding partners of Swiss Start-Up Factory. He has over 20 years of experience attained from working in the banking industry of Switzerland. The firm is responsible for carrying out fundraisers and financing rounds to raise capital for the SSUF projects. As Co-founder and a managing partner, the former banker is tasked with managing all fundraising activities. He is also a speaker at the acclaimed WORLDWEBFORUM’s Investor Panel on Next Generation Semester Closing. Mike attended the University of Rochester New York and University of Bern where he received his MBA and executive MBA respectively.


Mike was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, and retains a strong connection to his home region to date. His fascination with banking and financing started when he was a teenager. This motivated him to work hard and pursue his dream career – a feat that not many people achieve. Mike worked his way up from the ground. He started as UBS’s financial apprentice and climbed the ranks to attain an executive board seat at one of the biggest private Swiss banks in the country. In 2014, the then 39-year-old banker left the private banking sector to start a startup incubator firm with two other partners.

Mother Nature And Andy Wirth Revive Olympic Valley

Visiting Olympic Valley near Lake Tahoe is once-in-a-lifetime experience. The sheer beauty of the paradise is breathtaking in every sense. Perhaps, this was the reason why it is still the smallest area to host Winter Olympics on mynews4.com. However, unknown to the visitors, locals have suffered heavily due to adverse climatic conditions and legal battle over the fate of the Valley.

In the past few years, Mother Nature didn’t sprinkle the fine and crisp snow flakes that residents have become accustomed to. It did not mean that there was no snow. However, the Valley faced drought-like conditions, which meant that skiers to the area were unable to enjoy early Winter snowfall that the community has relished for so many years. Another major concern for investors and locals was the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the legal battle between a private group called “incorporate Olympic Valley” and one of its own, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC. The growing uncertainty over the legal battle meant that there were few investors willing to invest in the area, which also resulted in additional challenges to local businessmen who rely on investment and Mother Nature.

Luckily, this year, locals got a huge reprieve when not only they saw massive early Winter snow fall, but also got the news that Olympic Valley will not be incorporated. The early snowfall is probably a sign of better things to come in the following seasons. In addition, the withdrawal of incorporation petition by the private group is a sign of new development in the area. For locals, there couldn’t be a better year in terms of civic, business and political climate.

According to Reno-Gazzete Journal, which has covered the proceedings, the man behind the success of legal battle is Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC. Accordingly, he has spent thousands of dollars in legal battle to stop the incorporation of the Valley. For residents of the area, Andy is a household name as he and his company has a long history of developing community projects, community development and charity.

When asked about the legal proceedings, Andy claimed that the intended incorporation of the Valley would be a fiscal disaster for local businesses who were already struggling due to the Winter drought. Any future efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley will also lead to major problems for the businesses resulting in higher taxes. Besides, local businessmen will be deprived of high-quality community services such as snow plowing and road maintenance. More importantly, it will also mean that resident of the Valley will not be able to pool their resources with other communities on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Perhaps, the decision to withdraw incorporation appeal and return of the early Winter storms is a sign of great optimism.

Who Is Welcome At The Kabbalah Centre?

The Kabbalah Centre is not the home of its own religion, but it is a place where religion can be learned. Kabbalah is actually the mystic form of Judaism that has been studied for thousands of years around the world, and it is all focused on seeing where God actually is in that time and place. A lot of people think they are not going to encounter God, but people who study Kabbalah believe that it is possible.

The Berg family started the Kabbalah Centre in just one building because they wanted to be sure they could study this form of mysticism that made sense to them. They have always been seeking God, and they want to be sure that anyone who wants to seek God can do the same. They believe that that is more important than religion, and they believe that they can actually save lives by giving people a way to study. It makes a lot of sense for people to come to the Kabbalah Centre because they have all the resources that are needed.

The Berg family stresses that this is not a religion because they do not want to have followers. They only want to have students in their building, and they want to give these people a place to study that is going to get them closer to God. It can change a life, and now the Berg children do the same to help the people they work with.

It is a place where everyone is welcome, and there is no reason to exclude people from studying about where God is. The Kabbalah Centre can help people find who they are, or they can find God. Everyone is welcome to sit down to meditate, or they can come in to read the books that will guide them.


Twitter: @kabbalahcentre

Financial Expert Talks Hollywood’s “Money Monster”

We find that often times Hollywood can take a true story or the reality of a situation and then they pervert it into something dramatic and exploitative. For this reason alone many people begin to believe that Hollywood can’t be trusted as an explicit source of information. However the financial market driven film “Money Monster” has many folks in the industry talking and that has caught the attention of Forefront Capital founder Brad Reifler. Reifler is known and beloved in the financial investment world thanks to his commitment to helping out the ‘99%’ of investors who truly could use the aid. This new film, as Reifler is about to explain, brought up many issues that he believes in.

The film “Money Monster” stars a financial investment guru by the name of Lee Gates (played by George Clooney) who is abruptly taken hostage on live television by a poor investor who followed Gates’ instructions and still ended up losing everything. What follows is a tense ride that focuses as much on the investment world as it does the effects it can have on the ‘everyman’. Many of the subjects covered are explicitly mirroring real world problems. Reifler himself had two points of contention brought up on Twitter, after seeing the film.

First off, Reifler ardently believes that Wall Street executives are too comfortable with how poorly they treat their regular investors. No matter how badly a portfolio performs the brokers are still going to get paid. Secondly, Brad Reifler believes that the SEC (security exchange commission) forces lower income investors into inherently risky areas, namely Wall Street. Preventing these small time investors from accessing better opportunities ultimately ends up greasing the ladder, preventing any upward elevation. These two problems, which “Money Monster” point out, are the fuel behind Reifler’s pursuit with Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler initially launched Forefront Capital as a way for him to fight back against these problems. He has had a history in the investment world that is diverse enough to show that he understands the people that have struggled and he understands how to help them climb up. Brad Reifler doesn’t charge for management fees and he is offering the kind of help that the average investor can really benefit from.

Make Your Fashion Statement with JustFab!

Sometimes, it’s hard for us ladies to find the perfect pair of boots or heels, and sometimes it is hard to find work out outfits that aren’t completely heinous. Not worry ladies, do not fret, JustFab is here to the rescue! With JustFab, you can find fabulous shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry, and clothing, and personalized just for you! The best part is that JustFab offers affordable prices on great quality items. JustFab also has a solution to those ugly and uncomfortable gym clothes, with their new booming line called Fabletics.

JustFab is a parent company to FabKids, ShoeDazzle, as well as Fabletics. JustFab was established in early 2010 and was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg . Kimora Lee Simmons had joined JustFab in late 2011 and was appointed President and Creative Director of JustFab.

JustFab gives you a more personalized shopping experience. When you first join the wonderful community of JustFab on popsugar.com, you simply go online and take a quick assessment that allows your stylist to get a better look at what your fashionable preferences are. The quiz only takes a few moments to complete, and then you can look through a selection chosen specifically for you by your JustFab Stylist.

Now, when it comes to activewear there are three basic things we look for; comfort, quality, and durability. With JustFab’s exciting and new athletic line, Fabletics, you get all three at great prices! Fabletics first launched in mid-2013 and was launched by the marvelous Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Membership to Fablietics typically cost a mere $50 a month. See: http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm

Just like at JustFab, you will take a quiz to better personalize your athletic wear on Pinterest. You will be asked about your lifestyle and workout routines, and then from here at the start of each month, these personalized outfits are chosen by personal stylist based off of these preferences

Now, there’s even a Fabletics line just for men! In late 2015, Fabletics launched a men’s athletic wear line called “FL2”. FL2 was created by none other than mister Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson’s brother.

Sanjay Shah Creates Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the CEO and the founder of Solo Capital, an investment firm that is located in the center of London. Though Sanjay Shah Denmark is a dedicated and hard working businessman, Mr. Shah is also a dedicated husband and father who has kept his family in mind with every important decision that he has made. In 2011, the diagnosis of his son with autism is what inspired Sanjay Shah to give back to the world and to help further the research of autism. Though this development disorder is commonly diagnosed, there is not must information out there when it comes to autism.

As a result of his son’s diagnosis, Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks, a foundation to further the research of autism. Autism is a lifelong development disorder that is common among individuals around the world. the characteristics of autism include a difficulty in social situations, a difficulty will communication, as well as a different way in processing information. With narrow interests, it can often be a challenge for both parents as well as educators to truly get through to those who have been diagnosed with autism. The continuation of research of this development disorder will not only help schools around the world, but will also strengthen the relationship between the parents and the diagnosed child.

Autism is a development disorder that works differently in each individual. With some individuals, independent living is common and among others, assistance is required. With strong interests and a repetitive behavior, Sanjay Shah hopes to learn more about not only the characteristics of autism, but be able to understand how his son is able to process information. Autism Rocks was created for the benefit of not only his son, but also for other parents with children who have been diagnosed with autism. With issues for this disorder such as the lack of knowledge and the avoidance of individuals, Sanjay Shah wants to eliminate any difficulty in life that his son could experience for being different.

Autism Rocks was formed based off of the love of music that Mr. Shah and his son share. What inspired Sanjay Shah to create Autism Rocks is a visit from Snoop Dogg who made his son excited as both he and Mr. Shah are big fans. From seeing his reaction to this worldwide celebrity gave him the idea to center the foundation around concerts with international superstars who would encourage donations.


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Wrong doings found and announced in press releases held by Securus Technologies

The Louisiana Public Service Commission department has found a breach of integrity on behalf of Global Tel Link (GTL), a inmate and criminal justice communications company. In regards to the recent findings, Securus Technologies (one of the leading communications companies in the industry) will hold a series of press releases in efforts to shame GTL into acting with more integrity that they’ve shown in the past. Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith, along with others in the industry are offended by the actions taken by GTL. The Louisiana Public Service Commission department has found some wrongdoings that the company has committed such as added time to phone calls so that they can bill out more and collect more money. They’ve also found that the company has added phone calls when only one phone call was made. There was apparently some programming that was completed on their services to add the extra time and phone calls.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies in the industry and is disappointed by their actions. They’ve always strived to ensure that they industry is held with the highest of standards, and it’s disheartening when a company comes in stoops below the level of integrity that it should hold just to make extra money. Findings are stating that GTL has collected over one million dollars extra in tax payer dollars. This is obviously not okay, and they’re taking the proper measures needed to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Securus Technologies is responsible for the services provided to over 3400 different public safety official, law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. They are also responsible for over one million inmates and their communications needs. They are dedicated to provide exceptional services to their customers and offer a wide array of product that suit each individuals needs.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How Doctors Like Rod Rohrich Embrace The Future

When you think of plastic surgery you think of movie stars and celebrities. We all do. A nip here a tuck there and then everything is business as usual. The thing is, now plastic surgery is not only for the rich and famous on drrodrohrich.com. Every day people are looking into getting some work done.

The usual deal is you go to see a doctor, you pay the consultation fee and a lot of the time you might leave not finding what you’re looking for. That can leave potential clients paying money for nothing, frustrated, and at worst not getting anything done. What about the doctors? Sure they get the consultation fee, but they can lose potential clients who they could have helped.

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The internet has done it once again and has made life a little bit simpler. Zwivel is a website that brings doctors and potential clients together. All doctors who have signed up for the service can display their credentials proudly. They gain access to a potential pool of clients for a monthly fee of under $500. What’s even better is that all potential clients can pick out who they want to work with and ask questions about potential work that can be done and pricing. All of this before meeting the doctor face-to-face. Another bonus is that the potential clients do this all for free.

One success story involves a Plastic Surgeon from Dallas, TX, Rod Rohrich. People will go to get plastic surgery for any number of personal reasons. One client, he received from using Zwivel had been in the market for plastic surgery for years. Using the tools Zwivel had to offer she was impressed with the credentials and communication she had with Dr. Rohrich and had the surgery shortly after.

It’s a great thing that Dr. Rohrich has embraced how technology has made his ability to interact with clients easier. His potential clients should be impressed with his credentials. He is known internationally, and he is considered to be one of the best plastic surgeons in America. Dr. Rohrich served a term as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. What’s great is that not only is he actively working, he teaches future doctors how to do the good work.

Andy Wirth Describes How Squaw Valley Resorts is Restructuring to Prepare for the California Draught

Throughout his entire life, Andy Wirth have revolved around the mountain resort and hotel industry. Presently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, a division of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows of Tahoe. He has over 25 years of experience and have made Squaw Valley Resorts the best winter tourist destinations across the world.

Andy Wirth earned his Bachelor Degree from Colorado University after which he further his education at Edinburgh University in Scotland. It was during this time that he gained experience as a backcountry ranger for San Pedro Parks and Rocky Mountains National Park. This was in continuation of his father’s legacy who was a former director of the US National Parks Service. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth

Andy acquired substantial knowledge about the weather patterns while still working a ranger before completion of his education. He was then employed at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. After a series of acquisitions and merging of ski resorts, Andy was appointed the CEO of Squaw Valley, taking over from Nancy Cushing who opted to move on after spending 16 years with the company.

As I was listening to ‘Press Play with Madeleine Brand’ program on radio station KCRW, I overheard a conversation between Madeleine and the CEO of Squaw Valley Resorts, And Wirth. The first question that Madeleine asked Andy was to describe how his winter was.

Andy Wirth noted that after taking over in 2011 where the season experienced a record partial snow fall that was followed by a three dry years. Last year however was the driest in 1200 years. Andy said that though the pass sales basically climbed during the draught period, Squaw experienced a brutal 25% drop in overall business. Learn more about Andy Wirth: www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

Madeleine then questioned about how Wirth’s resort could have weathered in case of a succession of similar other winters. Andy responded by insisting that though the company would not operate substantially profitably, it’s used 4000 acres were pretty much enough for quite a bit of great skiing.

Andy also mentioned that Squaw Valley was prepared substantially in case the draught persisted for a couple more years. He explained that the resort was adopting a mechanism to create snow using science. This way, they could make usable ski paths for a great number of people even when the level of precipitation was still low.

The resort would also consider altering their business model by rescheduling skiing in the summer targeting people who held business meetings, those who booked weddings as well as anyone who came to celebrate special events in the mountains.

Investment Guru George Soros Is Buying Gold And Investors Are Following His Lead

In the first three months of 2016, investors bought 481 tons of gold stocks, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. One of the hedge fund managers that is leading the charge on gold is the legendary philanthropists George Soros. The Soros Management Fund has more than $30 billion in assets under management, and this recent investment in gold could make that figure jump substantially by the end of 2016. George Soros is personally worth more than $24 billion, and his net worth seems to increase by the minute. Forbes has Soros pegged at number 35 on the world’s wealthiest list. All of Soros personal wealth came from investing. According to the Wall Street Journal, Soros is buying gold, and he is buying a lot of it. The Soros Fund recently bought 19 million shares of Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is a gold mining company.

The Soros Management Fund has been busy selling stock as well as buying gold, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. George Soros decided to reduce the Soros Management Fund’s stock holdings by 37 percent recently, but he kept some of the tech stocks that continue to keep the market alive. The 85-year-old Soros is betting that the global recession that is spreading like a will fire in Yellowstone National Park is going to bring countries around the world to their economic knees. Soros has been warning anyone that would listen that China is on the verge of a major banking meltdown and the European Union is dangling on the edge of a breakup.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Soros is convinced that the global economic meltdown is in progress, and he’s right. Countries in Europe, South America, and Asia are already experiencing economic declines, and those declines are breaking records. The banks in Italy are struggling to stay afloat, and the banks in China are carrying $2.4 trillion in bad debt on their books. The Federal Reserve has painted itself into a corner and can’t raise interest rates. Corporate profits continue to deteriorate, and even the U.S. economy is showing signs of a possible contraction next year.

The surge in gold is a typical response to shaky economic performances. Gold is one asset that is not affected by any country’s economy. Gold, as well as silver and platinum move freely and prices, change with supply and demand, unlike other commodities that are controlled by large consortiums. That’s why gold is the perfect asset to own when the stock market begins to erode. Soros and other investors say by the end of 2016 gold could be selling at more than $2,000 an ounce. That’s good news for investors like Soros, but it’s bad news for the non-investors that are going to be caught in the worst economic meltdown since 2008.

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