An Overview of Prevagen

Pregaven is known for being one of the very best memory supplements on the market. It is a highly researched supplement and a prescription is not required in order to buy this.

Ongoing research and studies have been done on this over-the-counter product and have proven it to be an effective brain enhancement.

It will prevent and stop memory loss in aging individuals. It became available in the year 2007 and can be purchased in most pharmacies. It has been closely studied and monitored since the 1960s.

Quincy Bioscience had patented it. This company is based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company has a very clear mission in place.

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It places a clear focus on novel technologies that will support cognitive function. Looking into other normal health challenges is part of the goal. Social responsibility has been weaved into the mission of this company.

Prevagen is a brain health supplement. It has been clinically proven to be beneficial for many. It is made of apoaequorin which is found in a type of jellyfish. The jellyfish is found deep in an ocean and glows in the dark. This ingredient has been proven to be safe too.

Documented Benefits of Prevagen

There are many benefits that are offered to those who choose to take Prevagen. The benefits include:

* big improvements in memory loss due to the aging process

* it only takes 90 days to notice the difference in memory

* many pharmacists approve of this product and the approval from professionals offers peace-of-mind

* it has been proven to be very safe because extensive testing has been done on this product

* it is known as a dietary supplement and it not difficult to find and purchase

* trained physicians can be consulted in terms of taking it with other medications and any side effects

* it fosters better sleeping patterns for many

* most people claim to have a sharper and clearer mind after the 90 day period

* it is not a costly product and can save the consumer money in the long run

* it is available nationwide and can be ordered online for added convenience

About the Research

Highly esteemed professionals conducted research on Prevagen. The Madison Memory Study is a Double-Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled trial of the Apoaequorin and was conducted in Community-Dwelling. Older adults were observed.

Quincy Bioscience, LLC was the sponsor and Kenneth C. Lerner was the Principal Investigator.

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The Madison Memory Study had a very clear objective. Determining if Prevagen with 10 mg of apoaequorin would improve quantitative measures of cognitive function. The study dates were from December of 2009 to April of 2011.

The report date was August of 2016. The study design consisted of community dwelling participants who were randomized in a Control group or the Experimental group. This was at a three to two ratio. There were nine CogState tests used for this study.

The research concluded that it does support and improve brain function. The studies have determined that Prevagen in safe to use because significant risk of allergic reactivity did not show up in the research.

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