TJ Maloney of Lincolnshire Praises New Talent Aquisitions

TJ Maloney is chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc. Lincolnshire has 1.7 billion dollars under management. To manage all of this money effectively requires talent. That is why he is so excited about four new recruits for Lincolnshire. TJ Maloney simply says, “We are excited to welcome Matthew, Nicolas, Yashna, and Georg to our team.”

The basic investment strategy at Lincolnshire is to either acquire or strategically invest in middle-market companies that show good potential for growth and financial rewards. Lincolnshire looks for strong and decisive management teams at target companies. Also, competitive advantages in the marketplace help win Lincolnshire’s favor. The four individuals that TJ Maloney spoke of have all proven their talent to carry-on Lincolnshire’s mission and strategy.

First, there is Matthew Nacier. He is re-joining Lincolnshire as a Senior Associate. He will be given responsibilities for identifying new promising acquisitions and maintaining due diligence standards. Mr. Nacier graduated from Boston College with degrees in Economics and Philosophy. After leaving Lincolnshire Mr. Nacier did consulting work and help companies with their go-to-market strategies. He worked for Iconic Holdings for awhile. He was involved in creating a crypto index fund regulated by the EU.

Next, there is Nicolas Vega Llona who also joins Lincolnshire with the title of Senior Associate. Mr, Vega Llona has an MBA from the Columbia University School of Business. He had a concentration in Finance studies. He will also have a responsibility for acquisitions and due diligence. He previously worked at a company called Grupo Alese.

Yashna Ginodia is the only female among these four acquisitions. She graduated from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Her concentration was in finance there and she minored in computer science. She previously did due diligence work at a company called Noonmark Capital. She will join Lincolnshire with the title of Analyst.

Finally, there is Georg Stolt-Nielson, also joining Lincolnshire with the title of Analyst. He graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in economics and a minor in physics. He had previously worked for the Norwegian firm Anthon B. Nilsen as an analyst.

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