Tech Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Has Had a String of Successes

In 1988 technology entrepreneur Nitin Khanna came to the US from India. The 17-year-old Khanna enrolled in Purdue graduating first with a bachelor’s degree and then with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Khanna’s Early Career

Nitin Khanna began his working life in the field of paper production. Like many of his generation, Khanna decided to take advantage of the technology boom. This decision took Nitin Khanna to the computer technology company OracleCorporation. Despite his rapid rise through the ranks at Oracle Khanna’s entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to go into business for himself.

Saber Corporation

His younger brother’s immigration to the US provided Nitin Khanna with a partner help establish his first enterprise. The brothers Khanna founded Saber Corporation and began producing government software. Nitin Khanna and his sibling partner seized upon the government’s need for software to aid changes to governmental websites.

Remarkable Growth

By the time Nitin Khanna was ready to move on to his next enterprise Saber Corporation’s payroll listed 1,200 names and was worth $120 million. EDS paid Nitin Khanna $460 million for Saber. Saber Corporation would remain under the stewardship of Khanna for one year after the company was sold. In that 12-month period, 300 new names were added to the pay roster and the company was generating $300 million in revenue.

Merger Tech

A mergers and acquisitions company (M&A) Merger Tech helps tech startups make the connections they need to sell their company. The success of Merger Tech is owed to an observation made by Nitin Khanna. Khanna noticed that foreign companies are often willing to pay more for a US-based startup then American companies. Merger Tech maintains a database of sellers and potential buyers from around the world. Merger Tech is the leading mobile banking company in the United States.

Cura Cannabis

When cannabis was first legalized in 2015 Nitin Khanna was quick to invest. During the two years, Khanna served as CEO of Cura Cannabis the company became one of Portland Oregon’s largest sellers of CBD oils.

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