Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Career Biography

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the current Global Brand President of L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division. Dan is 40 years old, and this makes him the youngest DMI General Manager at L’Oreal. Before taking on his current role in 2015, Dan was offering his services and expertise to L’Oreal under a different position.

The 40-year old executive has been continuously honing his skills in marketing and digital strategy. These skills have been proving to be invaluable as he manages L’Oreal’s worldwide brand strategy. Dan also uses his position at L’Oreal to champion the use of best practices as proponents for sustainable and continued education at the workplace.

Dan is also a big advocator for diversity in the contemporary workplace; with this in mind, the innovator has been supporting and championing for the adoption of diversity training within the workplace. According to L’Oreal, Dan is one of the firm’s longest-serving employees.

L’Oreal is a market leader in its space and within the personal care products and cosmetics industry. The firm’s decision to retain Dan for close to two decades prove that the 40-year old is invaluable and integral to the brand day-to-day running.

Most executives or high-ranking decision makers opt to bring in outside help to help with a company’s running. According to Dan, the trend needs to be dropped, and companies should instead opt to hire the talents of in-house trained personnel or candidates. Dan’s tenure at L’Oreal has seen him train several candidates eligible for managerial positions. Peers and critics acclaim Dan’s exceptional ability to train and mentor individuals for leadership and administrative positions. Dan is also continuously pressing for inclusivity and representation at L’Oreal.

Dan’s workmates characterize him as determined, focused, and ambitious. The innovator’s leadership skills and ability to forge long-standing relationships are at the top of Dan’s talents that he uses to encourage and motivate members of L’Oreal’s team. These skills have proved to be integral in Dan’s ability to develop and embrace diverse talents who contribute to the success of the firm.

According to Dan, there are various perks when an individual is holding a key position for a global industry titan, but he is also quick to highlight some of the pressures that come with such positions. To succeed in such positions, Dan recommends having a strong career and family balance.


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