Sharon Prince and the Grace Farms Mission

Sharon Prince went to the University of Tulsa and She lives in New Canaan, Connecticut. Grace Farms Foundation was established in 2009. Under Sharon Prince as the President and Chair, its mission has been to enrich lives through arts, justice, nature, community, and faith. She was the visionary that made Grace Farms the new kind of public space for not-for-profit organizations and individuals.

At Grace Farms there is much to do during the Summer. On Cattail Pond there is catch-and-release fishing. The Summer sun creates a naturally serene respite and encourages people of all walks of life to explore the lush Grace Farms in full bloom with a variety of trails. During the Summer there are pick-up games also. During the fall the 80-plus acres of Grace Farms shows off many shades of golds, oranges, and reds. The landscape is great for inspiration or photography. There are even small-group guided Foliage Tours. The breathtaking beauty of the winter offers new photography exploration with the snow-capped trees. This is also the best time to engage with the wildlife of the area. Tracking animals is a popular activity during the winter and although most birds leave some flourish during these months so it can make for some interesting bird watching.

Grace Farms has restored nearly 70% of the previously cut meadows and to date is home to 80-plus different species of birds. The revitalized ecosystem even allowed the Kestral Falcons to be removed from Connecticut’s endangered species list. There are 40-plus species of birds living in Grace Farms and there are bird watching hikes and information to learn about the different birds of the area. Another activity is the Community Garden which is open year-round and encourages engagement. There anyone can learn about farming methods that will yield produce. There is also the Grace Farms annual Earth Day festivities.

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