The Gareth Henry Access Bursary and Mentorship Initiative, Heriot – Watt University

Gareth Henry, an actuarial mathematics and statistics graduate from the Heriot – Watt University located in Scotland, came up with the initiative of offering undergraduate scholarships to students undertaking actuarial science courses in the university. The fully funded scholarship is aimed at providing financial assistance to students in need.

In order for one to qualify for a scholarship, one has to be a student of the actuarial science course within the university and he or she must be in need of financial assistance so as to complete study.

In addition to the scholarships, Gareth Henry has also established a mentorship program for the scholarship beneficiaries so as to help the students to grow career-wise. According to him, a lot of his success is attributed to the application of his mentors’ strategies in different means thus the need for a mentorship scheme to motivate the selected beneficiaries. Gareth Henry has a number of mentors from whom he occasionally seeks advice from on various matters. His love for public speaking also helps to add to the ability of his mentorship skills.

Through his education and experience as an actuary, Gareth really hopes at impacting actuarial science students with the necessary skills and knowledge to assist them to maneuver and achieve success within the finance industry. Furthermore, according to him, a position of leadership and support is a good opportunity for one to try his best at impacting other people’s lives in a positive manner.

Personal involvement and talks with other people such as his clients and colleagues has also helped him gain a lot of experience within the finance industry thereby increasing his ability to impact actuarial students through his direct mentorship initiative.

Apart from education and mentorship, he also advises students to occasionally take a break during the course of their study so as to refresh their minds and enjoy themselves.

Gareth Henry is a person who truly believes that strong education and good mentorship are prerequisites on one’s road to success and that through the bursary he can offer this to students who want to grow in their careers.

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