Charlamagne Tha God Has A Second Book Coming Out

Second Book Coming Soon
Charlamagne tha God is discussing his next book, Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me. This book takes a deeper look at his vulnerable side, which is not seen as often as the side that presents provocative expression. He speaks about his challenges with PTSD and anxiety and why he made the decision to attend therapy. He says the title of the book pays a respect to a Mobb Deep song called Shook Ones. The song itself represents not being shook or soft, but Charlamagne says he is a shook one. He has realized that a lot of the things he thought he was doing to be fearless was really being done by a scared person. He says his fears, both irrational and not were caused by fights he has experienced, being targeted as well as racism.

About The Book
The back end of the title, Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me is a shoutout to Geto Boys’ song called Mind Playing Tricks on Me. Charlamagne says the words of the song are about anxiety. He goes on to speak on being “Blackanoid” which is the title of one of the chapters and is also a term he created for being both black and paranoid in America. He says that feeling brings on a lot of anxiety. At the age of 39 he finally decided to try therapy. He says that his faith and therapy are helping him through his fears, things in his past, as well as suppressed and ignored issues. He recalls a time he sold crack to a lady in South Carolina. He says her daughter couldn’t finish school because she had to take care of his mom, and he feels somewhat responsible for that. He also reflects on the # MeToo movement, and he saw all of this coming, a big movement where the men would have to treat women better. He says his family already consists of two daughters and he is expecting another one, so he is in full support of anything that makes the world better for women.

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