A brighter future for the human race; Jason Hope

Most people believe that aging is a normal condition. However, the SENS Foundation believes the state is usually the root problem for the many diseases that occur to a lot of old people. It happens that Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, futurist and a philanthropist, share the same idea. He firmly believes that the science world can reverse aging. Jason grew up in Arizona, and after high school, he proceeded to State University where he acquired a bachelor of science in finance and an MBA in business. After studies, he established a mobile technology company that soon focused on philanthropy and investment.

Jason Hope feels that the future is bright for the human if scientists are willing to work together by curing, dealing with the roots causes of particular ailments, instead of treating and mitigating the symptoms. Through technological advancements like biotechnology, the world will be a better place in future. In 2010, Jason donated $500,000 toward the research in combating aging through SENS Foundation. The foundations’ core objective is to transform how the world researchers and treating age-related ailments. Age-related illnesses range from high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer among others.

SENS has embraced biotechnology in improving human life and preventing diseases. Besides, the organizations have collaborated with other organization and institutions that promote research on new ideas and those willing to move research at a higher level. Aubrey de Grey, a co-founder of the institution, has for a long time dedicated his studies, time and money towards this course. He has contributed over $10million towards SENS Foundation.

After donating Jason Hope, spoke highly of the initiative as a start point in revolutionizing the medical sector. Mr. Mike Kope, the CEO, appreciated Jason’s efforts in helping the foundation deal with age-related conditions. The donation would assist in research work for the causes of artery-cell protein bonding which cause skin deterioration, eye problems among other disease linked the aged. Besides, the contribution would assist the establishment of a research laboratory program in the UK. All these are in the effort of lengthening the lifespan and healthy living.

Jason Hopes charity work also includes supporting leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Arizona Science Center and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation to mention a few. To him, it is all about passion and wanting to make a difference for the world.

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