Omar Yunes Is Becoming The King Of The Food Industry In Mexico

There is a franchise competition offering an award to the franchise chosen for the best in the world. The 2015 competition took place in Florence, Italy and the man who was chosen to receive the prize was Omar Yunes. He took the ownership responsibilities of Sushi Itto when he was a young man of 21. He is currently in possession of thirteen franchises located in three cities in Mexico and his locations represent a tenth of the entire franchise chain. Omar Yunes accepted the award with a mixture of gratitude and pride while thanking his employees for their exceptional work.

The 2015 ceremony encompassed 34 separate countries and this award is a great honor. Unlike many awards this competition does not focus on the brand but rather the network of the franchise. Oman Yunes was selected due to his substantial contributions to Sushi Itto’s network and the improvements this generated to their model. Omar Yunes additionally placed first in the national qualifier. The changes he has made in the world of franchises are beneficial to the management. He makes certain his customers receive the best possible service, a flavor that keeps them coming back, and exceptional hospitality. His efforts have raised the franchises in Mexico to an international level and he has impressed the Mexican chapter with his outstanding work. The second place position was awarded to the pawnshop franchise called Prendamex and run by Iván Tamer.

The work Omar Yunes has done with his Sushi Itto franchise has brought the eyes of the world to his door. He understands investing and his years of owning the franchise have increased both his knowledge and his skill. His is an aggressive marketer and the awards he has won prove his marketing and strategic abilities are on the mark. He treats his employees well and encourages them to perform at their best capacity. He has excellent motivational skills and has propelled Sushi Itto into the future. He has a unique understanding of Mexico’s food industry and runs his business professionally yet with his own unique style. Omar Yunes is an investor who has built an excellent future for himself and his franchise.



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