Imran Haque Providing Residents in North Carolina With Top Notch Medical Services

Many did not know Doctor Imran Haque 15 years ago but today, he is the talk of town in North California. After 15 years, he has become a highly respected medical practitioner specializing in internal medicine. His office is located in Asheboro and Ramseur. He is known for successfully treating different illnesses, and with his expertise and experience, he has managed to help many people in North Carolina. Imran Hague got his medical degree back in 1998 from the Universidad Iberoaamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo and graduated with honors. He went ahead to advance his medical knowledge at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke –Salem program.


Imran’s stay at the university gave him a good basis in Internal medicine and became the specialist that he is today after registering and obtaining a license that allowed him to practice medicine in North California. Imran Hague’s successful career started way back at the university but his fame started to grow and spread like bushfire when he started working at Horizon Internal Medicine. The whole of California North associates with Dr. Imran Haque Horizon Internal.


All patients in dire need of assistance or treatment of internal medicine illnesses and complications are always free to visit the office for consultation and treatment when need be. Imran is known for his expertise, experience and a respectable level of professionalism that he portrays. He has made Horizon Internal Medicine the center for all patients of North California. He is also famous for providing a wide range of services such as weight management, which he has offered medical solutions through cosmetic procedures and nutritional packages.


From the reviews of many patients, the doctor is trusted by many and has very good human interaction, a quality that he passes over to his staff who are very caring and ready to assist. The doctor makes all the patients feel comfortable and is instrumental in boosting their confidence.


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