Contribution of Eva Moskowitz in the American Education System

Eva Moskowitz is an American founder and CEO of a public charter school network called Success Academy. Between 1999 and 2005, she was the Chair of New York Education Committee.

How is Eva changing the education landscape for the better?

During her six years as a City Council member, Eva Moskowitz came face to face with the education crisis in New York City. Her position as the chair of the Education Committee, she became aware of the failure of the city’s public schools in meeting the needs of children.

The reforms needed in the education sector cannot come from within. As a result, Eva Moskowitz started Success Academy Charter Schools to provide high-quality education to the kids in New York City. The charter-school network understands the importance of robust and efficient curriculum and teachers for the academic success of children.

How has Eva become a leader in education?

Eva Moskowitz has become a leader in the education sector by putting more emphasis on the interests of the children in the Success Academy’s schools. Her schools have given educational opportunities to struggling families. The schools have outperformed most of the other schools in New York City in mathematics and English. As a result, there were over 16,000 applicants for the seats at the schools in 2014, against the capacity of only 3,000.

Eva Moskowitz began a charter school in 2006, in about a decade the Academy has become a network of 34 schools, with a student capacity of over 11,000. Her effort has seen Success Academy in New York City becoming one of America’s most famous charter school networks.

What are some of the educational techniques and strategies that Eva promotes?
At Success Academy schools, math and English language arts are emphasized. The school equally supports science, chess, art, and sports.

The teachers at the Academy undergo a thorough training. They are encouraged to work together for the benefits of the children. They are also encouraged to get constant feedback and embrace professional development.



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