The Amazing Achievements Of Eric Lefkofsky; The Great American Entrepreneur

Who is he?


Really, is that a question? Ranked at number 423 of the USA richest by Forbes, Lefkofsky is currently worth $1.66 Billion. At the age of 47, he affiliates his wealth to his individual effort. That is easily believable because unlike his fellow billionaires, Erick chose to live in Glencoe a cook’s village in Illinois, United States. Probably because he was born and raised in Detroit, the city of crime! He is married with three lovely children.


Education and Career


Lefkofsky has a Doctorate in Jurisprudence, from the University of Michigan. In his undergraduate, he studied Bachelor of Arts and Science, from the University of Michigan. He loves the University of Michigan, doesn’t he?


Eric Lefkofsky is the acting chairman of the Groupon. Currently, he has become more involved in his latest baby company, Uptake. Uptake is a research company that helps other companies understand their performance and safety measures. Consequently, they get to improve on them. With a number one rank on Forbes hottest startups for 2015, Uptake is the company to watch!


According to, Lefkofsky is also behind Coffee Meets Bagel! The popular dating app! Money doesn’t grow on trees for sure. Tapping the “weird” investments worked for him; starting with a humble carpet selling business in college. What a bio!


Lefkofsky As A Scientist


In addition to millions of donations in the cancer department, Lefkofsky proceeded to start TEMPUS. TEMPUS is a data-driven treatment for cancer. In other words, patients get tailor-made analysis and treatment with regards to their DNA structure. The machine engages genomic sequencing. Talk of technology at its best level! Let’s leave this jargon for the doctors to explain.


Lefkofsky Family Foundation


According to, besides TEMPUS, Lefkofsky’s role in the society is beyond measure. He has continued to show his selflessness by donating massive amounts of money to better the society. Below are some of these donations.


  • The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Located at Northwestern University, this organization has benefited from him severally. More recently, $ 1 million donations were made via Lefkofsky Family Foundation.


  • Immunotherapy for Gastric Cancer Research.

Located at the Stanford University, this organization received a $500,000 donation.


  • The University of Michigan for Cancer Research.

The family donated $1.2 million to this organization.

By the way, all these donations were made in the same year!

Weill Cornell Medicine for Breast Cancer Research.

Based in New York City, this organization received $250,000 in November the same year.


  • Lurie Children’s Hospital

Located in Chicago, the hospital has also benefited from Eric Lefkofsky. He currently acts as the hospital’s trustee.


In Conclusion


Ever heard of The Giving Pledge? Well, this is a pledge made to donate your income. Lefkofsky is a member since 2013. He vowed half of all his income would go to donations for the rest of his life. Isn’t Eric Lefkofsky one of the noblest kinsmen of this generation?


Besides owning a personal blog, Lefkofsky has built a professional LinkedIn profile. He also gets social on Facebook and Twitter by posting his latest milestones.


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