Financial Expert Talks Hollywood’s “Money Monster”

We find that often times Hollywood can take a true story or the reality of a situation and then they pervert it into something dramatic and exploitative. For this reason alone many people begin to believe that Hollywood can’t be trusted as an explicit source of information. However the financial market driven film “Money Monster” has many folks in the industry talking and that has caught the attention of Forefront Capital founder Brad Reifler. Reifler is known and beloved in the financial investment world thanks to his commitment to helping out the ‘99%’ of investors who truly could use the aid. This new film, as Reifler is about to explain, brought up many issues that he believes in.

The film “Money Monster” stars a financial investment guru by the name of Lee Gates (played by George Clooney) who is abruptly taken hostage on live television by a poor investor who followed Gates’ instructions and still ended up losing everything. What follows is a tense ride that focuses as much on the investment world as it does the effects it can have on the ‘everyman’. Many of the subjects covered are explicitly mirroring real world problems. Reifler himself had two points of contention brought up on Twitter, after seeing the film.

First off, Reifler ardently believes that Wall Street executives are too comfortable with how poorly they treat their regular investors. No matter how badly a portfolio performs the brokers are still going to get paid. Secondly, Brad Reifler believes that the SEC (security exchange commission) forces lower income investors into inherently risky areas, namely Wall Street. Preventing these small time investors from accessing better opportunities ultimately ends up greasing the ladder, preventing any upward elevation. These two problems, which “Money Monster” point out, are the fuel behind Reifler’s pursuit with Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler initially launched Forefront Capital as a way for him to fight back against these problems. He has had a history in the investment world that is diverse enough to show that he understands the people that have struggled and he understands how to help them climb up. Brad Reifler doesn’t charge for management fees and he is offering the kind of help that the average investor can really benefit from.


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