Sergio Cortes Is Helping Jackson Moonwalk Back Into The World

There’s a lot of things which could be said of Michael Jackson. He was the King of Pop. His death left behind a devoted and loving fanbase. And his concerts will filled with a level of motion and energy which had never been seen before. Jackson was one of the most nimble pop stars the world has ever seen. Any given performance was filled with life and energy. This was so true that some of his methods of moving, such as the moonwalk, have become commonly used terms within the English language. That’s why it’s so fitting that even death hasn’t been able to slow down the King of Pop. And it’s all thanks to a man known as MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Cortes obviously isn’t the world’s only Jackson impersonator. But he may well be the only Michael Jackson impersonator who’s been training for the role his entire life. And as a result he’s the only Jackson impersonator who can claim the skills which come from a lifetime devoted to perfecting his art. And perfect might well be the best term to describe Sergio’s tribute to Michael. When people see Cortes they usually don’t find themselves simply remarking on a similarity. Instead the audience is captivated by the impression that Michael Jackson really is back among them and giving the show of their lives.

Again, this level of skill is in large part due to the time that Cortes has been able to put toward the art of impersonation. Cortes began what would become his life’s work when he was still a young child. Like most kids at that age he spent a lot of time watching anything that came on the TV. But one day fate intervened and he was at the right place and the right time to see video of a Jackson 5 performance. His mother was also in the room and she was treated to an amazing sight. Sitting in front of her was her child. But on the screen she could see another youth who was almost his mirror image. That was the first time that someone noted the amazing resemblance that Cortes had, even at that age, to Jackson.

Even at such a young age Cortes knew that when one was gifted with special ability one had a duty to hone it to perfection. So just as Jackson worked day and night at that age, so did Cortes. As Cortes grew older his physical resemblance to Jackson grew as well. By adulthood he was a mirror image of the adult Jackson. And a youth filled with hard work learning to sing and dance like the King of Pop has led to something really amazing. A world which thought it would never see another Michael Jackson concert has been given a chance to enjoy something very similar. Cortes has allowed people to enjoy one more chance to see the genius of the King of Pop at work.


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