Sergio Cortes’ Stage Show Brings Michael Jackson Back To Life

There are many impersonators who have turned their appreciation of a specific artist into a career for themselves. It is usually through elaborate costumes and lots of makeup that these people are able to “become” the person they admire. For Sergio Cortes that bit of stage trickery is not necessary. His natural looks, combined with a unique stage presence has made him one of the most popular Michael Jackson impersonators around the world.
Cortes was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971, and had his formative years during the 1980s, an era where Jackson was the most famous individual in the world. He admits to being a longtime fan of Michael, singing and enjoying his music long before he ever began professionally impersonating him. Cortes’ voice is as similar to Jackson’s as his appearance, and through careful training he has mastered his dance movements skillfully as well.
He began impersonating as a hobby, and part time job, while still a teen. Despite the immediate response to his talent, it was not until 2012 that he was able to draw international attention. Once seen in a large forum, the interest in his abilities and likeness to the King of Pop, drew more requests for appearances, leading him to the full time career he has today.
Today, Cortes tours the world with Destiny Projects, impressing and thrilling Michael Jackson fans, as well as amassing many of his own. Most who have seen him in concert consider him to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator active today, possibly ever. Many, in fact, who have seen both him and Jackson on stage live swear that it would be almost impossible to tell the two apart.
At this point, his greatest number of fans are located in Brazil, a country where he performs regularly. He has managed to recreate on stage all of the largest of Jackson’s hits, as well as many other lesser known songs as well. As his notoriety increases, it is expected that he will be seen in more concerts and performances all over the world. Luckily for Sergio Cortes, the mystery and magic of Michael Jackson have remained, despite his untimely passing. For the fans who are unable to accept losing their icon, Cortes brings them the magic of having him back again.


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