Sergio Cortés Performs As Pop Icon Michael Jackson

It’s one thing to watch individuals on TV in roles of fame and stardom. It’s another thing to be the star yourself. Secretly, most people have the desire to be rich and famous. But very few attain their desires. Perhaps its a lack of talent, or lack of drive that prevents us from doing so, but in the end, only one in a million can be called a star.

When he was young, Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator Sergio Cortés had a dream to become a star. He used to watch videos of his childhood hero, singer Michael Jackson endlessly when he was young. He had numerous videos of the singer’s performances, and daily he would watch Jackson perform, taking note of his various inflections and stage mannerisms. He became obsessed with the incredible young star, and dreamed one day he could be a star like him.

Sergio and his obsession continued for years. As Jackson became a phenomenal solo artist, Sergio and his love for his hero became stronger. His imitation of Jackson became more pronounced, and he would do his imitation for his family and friends. He didn’t realize that he was on the verge of becoming a popular celebrity throughout the world.

One day, Sergio was walking through the streets of his hometown, when he was spotted by a local news photographer. At first, the photographer thought that he was looking at Michael Jackson in the flesh, not realizing that it was actually Sergio. The photographer stopped Sergio, and struck up a conversation with him. Along the way, the photographer asked if he could take a picture of Sergio for the local newspaper. Sergio agreed to have his photograph taken, and from that point on, good things began to happen for Sergio. Talent agencies and numerous entertainment outlets began to call, asking him for interviews and personal appearances. Soon after that, Sergio began his career as a celebrity impersonator. He has been emulating his hero ever since.

Now Sergio continues performing as Michael Jackson around the world. His Facebook page is a testament to the late King of Pop, and has thousands of likes and adoring fans visiting it every day.

Sergio Cortés had a dream of wealth and fame. He did not know that he would attain that level of variety, and in doing so, be a delight to millions of people around the world. Through his talent and dedication, many people now have the chance to experience what it was like to see a performance of one of the world’s most dynamic and enduring performers.


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