Marc Sparks new novel: They Can’t Eat You


Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur to top all entrepreneurs. Pretty sure he invented the profession. Since 1975 he has been the mastermind behind many start up businesses. Some of which, he says, were incredibly successful while others should have just stayed ideas. Having been an entrepreneur for well over 30 years he decided to try his hand at one market he’d never been to before, writing.

Marc decided he was going to write a novel discussing all of the to do and not to do’s of the entrepreneurial market. Since he has more than 30 years under his belt, who wouldn’t be more qualified to write about entrepreneurship than him? The novel, They Can’t Eat You, gets down to the bare bones of it all and Marc says this was particularly difficult for him to watch. He could have taken the easy way out and just wrote about his successes and how people can replicate that in their own entrepreneurship. Except, that’s not how we learn.

They Can’t Eat You is for those entrepreneurs who have wanted nothing more growing up than to have a successful start up. Sparks’ novel gives them the motivation boost they need. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he knows it’s going to be hard since he’s practically been through it all so he knows exactly how they’re thinking. It’s this kind of experience that allows him to get into their mindset and help pick them off the floor. They Can’t Eat You will help entrepreneurs and even those simply thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to chant the Little Engine’s motto “I think I can, I think I can”.

Marc has been known for having a fearless attitude. He says that this can’t be learned, this is just something he grew up around. He’s been at the lowest you could possibly get and once you’ve been there you have nowhere to go but up. He is not your typical entrepreneur, who are mostly Harvard graduates with numerous degrees. Marc is a mere high school graduate and is often called a “serial entrepreneur”. Mainly because he’s invested so much of his time in many start ups. He has been successful though and that’s what the basis of his book They Can’t Eat You is about. He wants to show everyone that you don’t need to have come from a fancy school or connections to become the successful entrepreneur that you want to be.

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