Sergio, Navi, Kenny Wizz: Carrying on the Legacy of the King of Pop

Sergio Cortes is a famous tribute artist who has preformed many reenactments of the concerts that Michael Jackson himself had preformed before his death. He danced for audiences in costume with backup dancers preforming alongside him. Sergio has preformed worldwide and even made it on the covers of magazines as well as on TV for his outstanding Michael Jackson impersonations.

Another great Michael Jackson lookalike is Andre Santisi who is from Germany.  Andre preforms on stage and has been doing so since 1996. He not only looks like the king of pop but he dances like him as well. He captures the energy and movement that Michael displayed on stage and has even the passion that Jackson had while in the spotlight.

Perhaps one of the greatest tribute artists is the man that Michael Jackson himself chose to be his lookalike and even hired to stand in for him to avoid the paparazzi. Navi is said to be the number one Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. He even became a good friend of Jackson’s and knew the family personally and has been a lookalike for over 24 years.

Yet another great actor is known as E’Casanova. Just like the other impersonators he looks like Michael and can dance like him. What sets him apart from the others is the fact that when he sings he sounds like him as well. His voice is a little off but close enough to the real deal to make him one of the more popular Jackson actors.

Las Vegas has it’s own Michael Jackson who has been preforming for about eleven years. His name is Kenny Wizz and he has been playing the role of Jackson at the Riviera Hotel and Casino and continues his work there. He has had a passion for music since he was a child living in Los Angeles.

There are many other Michael Jackson impersonators besides Sergio Cortes and the others. There are Michael lookalikes that can be hired to preform in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Bountiful, Midvale, West Jordan, South Jordan, Sandy, Draper, Kaysville, and Riverton as well as many other places. Some of the tribute artists preform on stage with other dancers as and all dress in costume to do everything in their power to resemble the king as closely as they possibly can.

Among the performers are individuals such as Jalles Franca who has preformed across the United States and even around the world for over five years. He is dedicated to his work and providing his audiences with breathtakingly realistic reenactments of the king of pop. There are also other tribute artists who have dedicated their lives to preserving the legacy that Michael Jackson left behind. Among them are Santana Jackson, Danny Dash, Jackson Jarett also known as JJ, Pete Carter, and many others.


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