Yes, Comic-Con Gets A “Force Awakens” Panel

Disney may have pulled Marvel Studios from appearing at the 2015 Comic-Con, but the corporate giant is thrilling fans with a decision to present a Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel at the San Diego event. Disney purchased Lucasfilm and the new Star Wars movies are, honestly, Disney projects.

What the Comic-Con panel will entail remains to be seen. No matter who (or what) appears on stage, the event is surely going to be an enjoyable one for all involved.

We do know one person is going to be part of the panel. Legendary screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, the mind behind Empire Strikes Back and current co-writer of The Force Awakens, is going to be running things on the stage. Will Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, or some of the newer stars appear? At this point, we do not know because no one else is confirmed. Someone with a “name” has to appear though or Disney is going to look a little silly if the Star Wars panel is a dud.

Sam Tabar ( has learned that Disney choose to pull Marvel from the event for mysterious reasons. Disney owns Marvel and wants Marvel Studios to appear at an event Disney has greater control over. Maybe Disney did not want anyone from Marvel Studios to appear at the same event as D.C. Entertainment properties. If Disney wants Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics to get all the Comic-Con buzz, then so be it. The event is not exactly a miniscule one. Thousands of fans will be in attendance and a ton of live-streaming from the location is going to occur.


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