Jack Landsmanas Stern Gives Back

Jack Landsmanas Stern is in the position of CEO of Kosmos Corporation. This is the top company in the food industry of Mexico. Not only is he a successful businessman, but he also is a generous philanthropist. As part of his position in Kosmos Corporation, he provides over 3 million meals to various areas all over Mexico. Kosmos Corporation is really a family business for Jack Landsmanas Stern. His grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, began working in the meat industry when he came to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959. He opened a butcher shop named “La Modelo”, which later became Kosmos Corporation.

As part of his job as CEO, Jack Landsmanas Stern is involved with a number of companies that work together to help 3 million citizens in Mexico receive food that they need. This might involve making lunches or meals for children or schools. They also supply the food for hotels and provide the supplies for various types of food preparation. He gets a great sense of joy out of helping his fellow Mexican citizens. Kosmos Corporation is also committed to providing their support to a number of social programs. They are involved in helping with the reintegration of inmates back into society by providing them with paid job training. They are also interested in the environment by using biodegradable chemicals in their various operations.

In 2016, he started the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, which is in honor of his grandfather. His grandfather always showed a commitment to giving back to the community. Their goal with this foundation is to help those in society that are most vulnerable. They do this by providing raw materials, as well as money so they can get the medical care that they might need. These are just some of the wonderful social projects that Jack Landsmanas Stern is involved in through Kosmos Corporation. As the leader of Kosmos Corporation, Jack Landsmanas stern has been able to make it the most profitable and successful food industry company in Mexico. He is able to employ 9,000 people and purchases 94 percent of its products from Mexico. His goal is to make it one of the top 50 companies in all of Mexico, and under his leadership, they are heading in that direction.


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