OSI Group Forms A Grand Merger with Impossible Foods

With the rapid increase in the demand for meatless foods, OSI Group and Impossible Foods have formed a surprise partnership to co-manufacture impossible burgers. OSI that is known to supply meat, has amazed many. Still, this move has come in the best time after assessing the possibility of meat products phasing out while, on the other hand, the impossible Foods have also been overwhelmed by the high demand for their impossible plant burgers. In this partnership, Impossible Foods is going to continue manufacturing the Impossible Burgers as the OSI Group ensures that the production is going to be sustainable.

The effects of public demand for products without meat have hardly hit the market and grown to be perpetual and ever-rising. Various companies producing plant products have risen to the occasion to find out sustainable ways that can make them meet the demand for these products. Therefore, Impossible foods do not want to be left behind. It has projected that the merger will cause them to expand to 17,000 food outlets from the current 10,000 and has then employed new staff to enhance the production.

The OSI Group impossible burger contains no meat, and people can easily distinguish it from the ordinary meat burger. Its ingredients are less unhealthy, and they do not affect the environment in any away since the product has very low emissions. With this merger, the burgers will be distributed to all grocery stores because the food and drug administration has given the go-ahead of its production.

Impossible Foods began in 2011 by Professor Patrick O. Brown, who wanted to stop intensive animal farming, considering that it was the major environmental problem. He settled for the impossible burger because he yearned to introduce a product that could counter animal products. The burger attracted scores of people, for it had a better taste than the so-called original ones and had more nutrients.

OSI Group also formally began in 1975 by Otto and Sons. The company supplies meat to the McDonalds Restaurant as one of the four major suppliers. They have 65 facilities all over the world, precisely in 17 countries and have 20,000 employees in these facilities. Impossible Foods turns to Aurora company to expand production

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