Isabel Dos Santos Is Supporting Women In Finding Their Voice And Career Aspirations

Africa’s richest woman is taking her passion for helping women in the career force become the leaders of tomorrow. It’s been a life journey of growth for Isabel dos Santos when it comes to her own career. She has worked tremendously hard to make a name for herself in the male-dominated society of Africa. Fortunately, the young professional had a solid upbringing, instilling lots of confidence in her. Her father raised her equally with her brothers, not giving any special treatment because of her gender. Her father just so happens to be the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Now dos Santos is thriving in her life and career.

Isabel dos Santos attended King’s College London where she earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. Upon graduating from college, the young professional got started in the workforce. Dos Santos eventually became the chairwoman of one of her home country’s oil companies. At Sonangol, the chairwoman grew the company to great heights of success. Because of this extraordinary feat, Isabel was able to become the richest woman in Africa, estimated to be worth several billions. With this new found sense of success, dos Santos decided to use her privilege to help others.

This would be the women of Africa. Isabel dos Santos helps improve their lives when it comes to their economic situations, lives, and helps provide them with career opportunities. It is her mission to help fight for equality for women. Not only is dos Santos a well-respected businesswoman in Africa, but around the world. Her experience, business instincts, and vast set of knowledge has proven to be a huge asset in the world.

Isabel dos Santos wants to give women some very valuable advice on how they can be successful in the business world. She recommends they use their preexisting knowledge and talents to make a career out of them. Use your passion and ambition to drive your career forward. If you are doing something you don’t like, it won’t go very far. Creating a long-term plan is also a very helpful road map to get you where you want to go.

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