How Aviation Intrigued Bhadu Choudrie

Recently, the Alpha Aviation Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary of educating novice pilots in the MultiCrew Pilot License system. AAA has reached many lofty goals as the foremost pilot training service in the Middle East, and now it hopes to boost its clout by becoming the grandest educator of pilots. It’s a company that aims to reach the top through savvy business decisions and socially responsible choices such as maintaining diversity. The man behind the scenes of AAA is Bhanu Choudhrie. He founded the business and is an established entrepreneur. He also works in investment and philanthropy in the London area. He became interested in the prospect of investing in aviation and soon had a number of successes. One of these successes include building an Indian airline from a single plane system to over 200 planes running at one time. His choices as a businessman were often risky, but he’s relied on his trove of experience to guide him to a profitable result. Bhanu Choudhrie was educated at Boston University and achieved a degree from Harvard Business School. Along with a formal education, he also has the opportunity to learn from his father and grandfather, who were both entrepreneurs themselves. The company that he owns, C&C Alpha Group Limited, is centred in London and supplies numerous financial services to investors. The team that makes up this company is rife with veteran businesspeople in various fields. Bhanu Choudhrie has always touted the benefits of relaxation when making plans for work. Although he is early to rise and works hard at the office, he states that it’s important to let your mind relax so that good ideas flow naturally. Another factor that has allowed him to make good choices regarding investments, is carefully observing current events to get a feel for the market. In 2006 he formed Alpha Aviation Group Ltd, which was a courageous foray into the world of aviation. Many people viewed this industry is unprofitable, but Bhanu Choudhrie was able to go against the grain by noticing an inherent issue in the amount of pilots available. By creating a way to train new pilots, he helped boost the aviation industry in India and the Middle East. To Learn More about Bhanu and Company, visit:


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