Sergey Petrossov’s Flight to Success

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is the 28-year-old CEO of JetSmarter. The path that led him to this position was not exactly planned either. Even while in college, Sergey found himself not very interested. He quickly found his first startup to get involved with. This had to do with audio and video chat for a customer service website when he was only 18.

After graduation, he co-founded his first company based on education technology. His company, Federal System of Distance Education, was involved with creating a system for learning online and remotely rather than needing to be in the classroom.

In 2009 an acquaintance introduced Sergey to a private jet company. Shortly after the operator invited him to go for a flight. Sergey Petrossov was excited to have been asked to help and was curious about what he could do to revamp this business. It wasn’t long before he saw just how inefficient the small private jet companies were and how to go about tying everything together into a streamlined platform.

After putting together a team and coming up with a beta platform for real-time ticket pricing, he was pushed to go all in and even received some initial investors. From there JetSmarter began to grow. From 50 employees and one central office to 260 with offices around the world.

Sergey PetrossovA born entrepreneur, he has taken the private jet industry to a new level. With goals of creating an entire lifestyle community. Using the JetSmarter business one could meet likeminded individuals and travel to destinations with ease. Even having bills from traveling added to one’s JetSmarter account.

It’s no wonder that he made it to the Forbes 30-under-30 list in 2016. His eye for business and how to grow an idea have step by step led him to where he is today. Even as a kid he said he would set up lemonade stands and garage sells. Always wanting to make a business of some kind. From his lemonade stands, Sergey Petrossov now stands as the CEO of a company changing the way we travel.


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