Betterworks CHRO TecHR Interview


Betterworks is a company that is focused on creating software that acts as a Continuous Performance Management solution. Essentially, this is a more modern form of human resource management, but with several other integrated components. While technology has developed incredibly quickly, several methods of monitoring and assessing employees have remained outdated.

Thus, the software solutions created by Betterworks aim to bridge this gap and modernize the process. This works not just to help companies hire new talent, but also to track the goals and progress of their existing employees. This, plus the accumulation of performance statistics over time allows for companies to be on the same page in a more fundamental way, as well as work towards a single goal in a more cohesive manner. Diane Strohfus is the CHRO (chief human resources officer) of Betterworks and she recently sat down for an interview with TecHR to discuss the company and where she thinks the market is headed.


Diane Strohfus was asked about what she thinks the trends are in the human resources technology industry. She states that she wants these technologies to move beyond just acquisition and goal-setting. Rather, she thinks that they could be developed to understand particular underlying moods about companies or even specific projects.

She hopes that Betterworks can help employees work better together as one. She also thinks that more forms of HR work can be integrated into the software, such as rewards and recognition – these help employees feel as though their work is noted by the company which is important for morale.



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