Unroll Me Helps Declutter Your Life Digitally

Email is a fantastic tool that allows the world to communicate faster than it ever was able to with traditional mail. While the positives that email brings us are innumerable, your mailbox can get inundated with advertisements and other pieces of mail that just aren’t that important. Unroll Me understands that while you may still want to be able to learn about the big deals happening in retail and information about your favorite organizations, you don’t want the important stuff to get lost underneath the pile.


This is Unroll Me created their free service to “Rollup” all of these subscription services into one daily digest that you can look over when you feel like it. Instead of getting constant notifications that you have a new message because you are subscribed to a lot of subscription services, only the important messages will make it to your inbox. With Unroll Me, you have the ability to choose when exactly you get your daily “Rollup” of subscriptions so you can scroll through them when you feel like it.


Another bonus of Unroll Me is that you are able to unsubscribe from these services with just a click instead of having to search for the unsubscribe option that is always somewhere at the bottom of the message in tiny print. Getting the clutter out of your life is becoming a huge trend these days and it’s important to not forget about the clutter that is in your digital world. Unroll Me still allows you to receive all of these subscriptions, but they don’t have to clutter up your inbox. The service has become more convenient than ever with apps available for smartphones.


You may be surprised by just how many subscriptions you have coming to your email. While Unroll Me sometimes does make mistakes when identifying what is a subscription and what isn’t, this is easily fixed and with just a click you can have the email forwarded to your inbox instead. The service works with many different email providers including Gmail and Yahoo so there is a good chance that it will work for you.




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