Stream Energy Continues To Make Headlines By Helping Out The People Who Need It The Most

Stream Energy is an energy company that operates out of Dallas, Texas. The company has been working with many different charitable organizations over the years in order to help out where it can. Stream started up its own charitable arm… Continue Reading

Tech Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Has Had a String of Successes

In 1988 technology entrepreneur Nitin Khanna came to the US from India. The 17-year-old Khanna enrolled in Purdue graduating first with a bachelor’s degree and then with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Khanna’s Early Career Nitin Khanna began his… Continue Reading

Jeunesse Global: What Your Skin Needs

The skin care trend continues to grow. Companies have launched and re-launched different nutritional skin care regimens aimed at helping consumers to enhance their beauty. Jeunesse Global provides consumers with a sophisticated skincare routine. Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by… Continue Reading

Louis Chenevert’s Advice On Employee Treatment

He is the CEO and the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. In 2008, he was elected the CEO and the president. He was made the chairman of the same firm in 2010 owing through his excellent work. He has served… Continue Reading