Serge Belamant’s Company UEPS Creates First Ever Block-Chain Debit Card Revolutionizing Banking

Serge Belamant is businessman and entrepreneur. He’s a true visionary and his work is poised to change the world by revolutionizing banking industry. With 6 separate patents filed, his prodigious output From humble beginnings he was born in France, moving to south Africa at the age of 14. While attending Highlands North High School for boys, he showed early signs of his determination by learning to speak and write in English. His career has spanned decades, with over twenty years of experience in fields of online and offline transaction processing systems operations, security, biometrics, and artificial intelligence. During that time he founded several companies including, Zilch Technology Limited, and Net 1 UEPS Technologies. With Net 1 and what Serge Belamant was able to achieve with it, that has been equated to the achievements of Henry Ford, by well known journalist Stafford Thomas.

Serge Belamant has truly been ahead of his time. With Bitcoin and Blockchain technology becoming more relevant to everyday people, this original debit card is poised to catch on with the public, bringing about the banking revolution he’s worked so hard to achieve. Already the new technology has over three million people using the new debit cards. It’s his company Net 1 that is at the forefront of this work, with many people stating that Blockchain technology is like the internet in the 1980s or 1990s. By using this Blockchain technology they are creating the lowest cost banking worldwide.

The high tech cards work without a centralized computer, they don’t need a connected electricity source, and they have no need of a centralized Point of Sale Device . This all allows the smart cards to work as an entire bank account without bank infrastructure costs. In today’s fast moving high tech world, it’s sometimes hard to notice the amount of change going on around us. Serge Belamant has had a long and impressive career, and it seems that all of us may soon benefit from his passion about what he does, and his vision of a better future. More than just our wallets this technology has to potential to truly change our world for the better.

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