Dr. Carlos And Modernized Plans For The Automotive Industry

Since 1966, Boris Feldman has specialized in motor racing and vehicles. He is a journalist that hosts “Car Talk”. This is a radio show that is on the radio stations all over the country of Brazil. The largest distributor of cars and manufacturing in Latin America is the businessman, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He is the founder of CAOA.

Boris Feldman produced and created the program on television called “Vrum”. This is a national network broadcast that is on the SBT TV network. Feldman was the editor of several magazines dealing with magazines for 20 years. He was the host on a Brazilian broadcast network for “Car Talk” and TV Bandeirantes “Dr. Carlos’ dream” was recently discussed in the Car Talk portal. “Dr. Carlos’ dream” was published in 2012. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was the interviewee. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAOA is a doctor of medicine. He is also one of the leaders in Brazil of the automotive sectors.

Controversy is expected in the Brazilian automotive industry when Dr. Carlos is the businessman. With selling and importing automobiles, the Caoa Group went even further and heavily invested in starting up a factory in Anapolis (GA). Hyundai has issued a license itself to Dr. Carlos so that they can manufacture the HD 78 and HR trucks. They also assemble a Tucson older model brand and are preparing to produce the new iX35 in the near future. Dr. Carlos also has a dream to produce a fully Brazilian care in the near future.

Car Talk’s editor-in-chief states that he asked Dr. Carlos about his dream and his response was right on the tip of his tongue. He told the editor-in-chief that they have an Italian design agency that is creating a modernized Tucson body and he is negotiating with Fiat.

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