Erbland Ignores DC’s Honesty

On Monday, May 4, Keith Erbland, a writer for The Dissolve, explored why he feels people prefer Marvel’s Cinematic Universe to the DC Cinematic Universe based on differences between Marvel’s and DC’s depictions of superheroes.

MCU and DCCU superheroes have been typically portrayed as generally decent people or soldiers who have faced huge changes that made them fight for redemption and/or the public good. Erbland implied though that MCU heroes care more about protecting civilians during battles and preventing mass destruction and DCCU heroes care little about human life or destruction. Yet, Erbland’s arguments don’t hold up.

DC’s Flash often stops to protect people or moves battles to non-populated areas; Dino even reports that as does many of Starling City and Gotham heroes. DC doesn’t lie: DC makes certain that viewers always see a realistic view of the destruction and loss of life that happens during hero and villain fights. Fans never see how the public feels about heroes like the Avengers.

Marvel’s upcoming Civil War should reveal just how much viewers have been tricked into believing their heroes are better than DC’s heroes when many of the non-superhuman people in the MCU see superheroes in the same negative light as their counterparts in the DCCU.


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  1. DCCU fans are always acutely, even uncomfortably, aware of the costs, while MCU often hides the real human impact with clever scene edits, humor and only few shots of the aftermath. It is what those people who write an essay online do know about these things too.

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