Nitin Khanna: CEO by Day, DJ by Night


Born and raised in India before emigrating to Portland, Oregon to pursue an education in Industrial Engineering, for which he holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree, Nitin Khanna has proven to be an ambitious and wildly successful businessman and entrepreneur. Shortly after his emigration to America, his brother followed and they have been in business together ever since. In 1998, they founded Saber Corp together, which grew into a very successful software system provider utilized by many state departments. Since then he has continued to foster his entrepreneurial spirit and became well known in the legalized cannabis industry for his foundation of Cura Cannabis Solutions. Cura Cannabis Solutions has grown to be a largely successful company and provides cannabis oil products to a large part of the local market read more about Cura Cannabis here Currently, Nitin Khanna holds the position of CEO of MergerTech, where he has overseen and led ten merger or acquisition projects.

In addition to his successful career as CEO of several companies over the years, Nitin Khanna is passionate about music and moonlights as a DJ going by the alias DJ Kitten. Khanna releases music directly to his Soundcloud and performs across the city at various venues. Many of his employees look at him as a role model when it comes to work-life balance and try to follow his example, which is increasingly more important as employees struggle with this.

However, this is not the only area that Nitin Khanna acts as a role model in. He actively works to foster the growth of young entrepreneurs in the Portland area. He has mentioned that he hopes to help as many companies succeed as possible. It was helping these young companies navigate the ins and outs of business that made Khanna realize there was a need for a company to help assist in merger and acquisition matters, leading to the co-founding of MergerTech with his brother.

Despite having an already busy career as CEO of MergerTech, aiding local entrepreneurs and moon lighting as a DJ, Nitin Khanna still took the opportunity when it was offered to work with four others to found No Vacancy, a club built in one of Portland’s old historic buildings. The founding of the club gave Khanna a place to perform and helped to foster his growth as a DJ.


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