VJ Eswaran Deeply Concerned About Issue of Gender Inequality

At the recent World Economic Forum conducted in Davos, Switzerland, an exclusive panel of invitation-only world business leaders conducted panels to discuss their views on a variety of pressing issues facing world economies today.

One of those exclusive invitees was VJ Eswaran, the founder of QI Group, a multinational firm based in Hong Kong that today operates in 30 countries. One of Mr. Eswaran’s choices of topics was gender inequality. He said that promoting greater levels of gender equality – meaning creating more opportunities for women in business – will be a critical factor in developing the future of the global economy.

VJ Eswaran said that, although some advances have been made, a remaining high level of gender inequality in Asian nations is a problem that must be addressed. For example, according to data from the World Bank Group, if women were to achieve the same lifetime earnings as men, world wealth would increase by $23,620 per person globally. That translates to $160 trillion in new wealth based on the 141 countries that were part of the World Bank Group Study.

Even so, women today account for an average of just 38% of the human capital wealth of nations studied. The situation is worse for poor and lower-middle-income countries. In those places, the human capital wealth of women is less than 30%.

VJ Eswaran has taken a critical interest in gender equality issues. It’s simply good for business, he said. It is also a matter of human rights and fairness. He said that relegating 50% of the world’s workforce to a lesser economic and social status drags down the entire economic system of a nation. He said that when men realize women can be their equals in the world of business, they will realize profits as well.

Through his many philanthropic efforts, VJ Eswaran is supporting gender equality programs in a number of countries, including his native Malaysia and India. An example is a program called Maharani implemented by Mr. Eswaran’s foundation in Malaysia.. It has provided educational and other uplifting programs to more than 7,000 economically disadvantaged girls and young women since 2010. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vijay-eswaran-discusses-impact-investment-and-gender-parity-in-new-york-300720477.html


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