Gulf Coast Western’s Honest Partnerships

Gulf Coast WesternGulf Coast Western, heralded by its presiding president and CEO Matt Fleeger, uses its expertise in the business, skill, resources, and attaining of gulf coast oil and gas reserves to solidify business partnerships. The company zeroes in on sections of those regions that provide genuine benefits with the properties that have been established. Gulf Coast Western encourages honest and sincere partnerships with companies with the possibility of high return and low risk.

The Dallas-based, family-owned energy company got its roots in 1970 and eventually spread out to Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Their partnerships have ranged from collaborations with companies on deep drilling explorations in Southwest Louisiana to collaborations with companies on deep drilling explorations in Southeast Louisiana. Through their various acquisitions, Gulf Coast Western continues to grow as a presence in oil and gas across the country.

GCW is mostly known for how much it explores, purchases and mines areas for oil and gas but it also spreads its reach throughout America. The majority of the company’s connections don’t only invest in a single joint venture. GCW is ethically conscious and is very respectful of their business partnerships.

GCW president and CEO Matthew Fleeger amassed great knowledge of oil and gas which made him a prime choice to lead the company. He was the creator of some companies like MedSolutions, Inc and Mystic Tan which he conceived and sold as a well-known entrepreneur. Matthew Fleeger graduated from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University with his business administration degree.


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