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In the fast-paced, quickly changing global economy, it can be challenging for a new startup to survive. Since global technologies change so quickly, startups often do not have the financial resources to promptly make adjustments to the operations; as a result, it is estimated that up to 90% of new startups fail in their first five years of operation.

While the data shows that the vast majority of businesses fail, there are also a small handful of entrepreneurs who are successful at starting up businesses. Once the company is a success, they sell it for an enormous profit.

These entrepreneurs seem to have a golden touch on any business that they touch. Over the years, some of these entrepreneurs decide that they would prefer to start helping others achieve the same sort of success and financial benefits that they have enjoyed for decades. One of those raw-talented entrepreneurs is Luke Lazarus.

It was clear that Luke was talented from the start as he started his first business at age 8. Luke was a straight-A student while also excelling at various sports throughout the years. Being a top student, Luke was recruited by many of the top ivy league schools who offered him full scholarships to attend.

Ultimately Luke decided to stay and advance his studies in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. He went to Melbourne Business School and received his MBA at the young age of 24.

After earning his MBA, Luke went on to start four very successful companies and sold them all for vast sums of money by the age of 35. Now that Luke was financially comfortable, he wanted to use his talents to help others achieve the same dream. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke started a consulting company that would help many clients through the years build their companies into huge successes. What he had learned through the years of watching other companies fail was that while these startups were lead by brilliant and talented people, they lacked knowledge in basic functions of running a business. Luke helps the startups identify which areas of the business they lack experience in and help them improve.

Luke also focuses on helping them raise sufficient capital to stay in business.

Luke knows the importance of grabbing the attention of venture capitalist very quickly to raise funding. Luke teaches the companies that they must connect with the investors on an emotional level.

Luke shares his experiences and helps the new companies come up with a message that shows the investors that the company’s services or product will change people’s lives for the positive. Luke will continue to work with others through his consulting business to make sure the success rates for startup companies will start to increase.

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