Talkspace: Changing the way we treat mental illness

Talkspace is known as the application that allows a user to talk to a therapist via text message and through their home computer. It has taken off and the reviews show many are pleased with the application at how it has approached the issue of people getting help for their mental health problems. That being said, Talkspace reviews list positive responses from those using the platform through their phone texting or through their private computer. Though Talkspace is well known for its texting capabilities with a therapist, many don’t realize they can chat quietly through a laptop while sipping coffee in a cafe. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

The reviews stem from the ease of being matched with a therapist to being able to find a new one when the first therapist doesn’t work out. Others have been impressed with the sign up and getting acquainted with the many features. It’s happens in a matter of minutes after talking to a representative who asks you a list of questions to get a feel for your mental health issue and what therapist they can match you with. To several people using the platform, they thought this was highly impressive and useful.

Talkspace is changing the way people view therapy all together. As one user felt that they were on par with offering realistic goals to reach and treatment plans that made sense. She further stated that her knowing that she had a pass-code to her account assured her that her conversations with her therapist were always private. To her it was about keeping things safe along with liking the 4 digit code you can create before even logging into the platform. Many reviews are focusing on the via text kind of therapy they are receiving, which to them is such a switch from how its done in the real world.

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