Steve Ritchie Uses Open Communication and Good Values to Better Papa Johns

Steve Ritchie believes that fixing an internal culture problem starts at the top. As the Cheif Executive Officer of Papa Johns, he started his new role by implementing some pretty radical, but helpful, projects.

To start, the company’s corporate team went to a seven-hour workshop on diversity and how to include everyone in the office. They also created a position for someone to oversee human resources, and to make sure that they have truly done their due diligence, the company also hired an outside source to do an audit of the company’s culture.

This is a big deal for the company because they understand peoples’ desires to stand behind a company with the right behavior when choosing how they spend their money. For many customers’ this is a direct reflection of their personal values.

In order to address this concern, Steve Ritchie did the right thing and put pen to paper. Within the first few sentences, he made sure that the customers knew that being insensitive towards others is not tolerated at Papa Johns.

While discussing what they are going to do at the corporate level, one might wonder what they are going to do locally. Steve Ritchie has addressed that issue to, stating that the corporate company will be coming to the individual stores and addressing needs that the customers and employees might be having. Gathering this information will help the company move forward and come up with an action plan based on the needs of the people.

In addition to writing the letter stating their intentions, Steve Ritchie also stated that they will be letting customers know what is going on during these few months. This is huge for a company, as transparency is normally not a high priority.

Given all of this information, it is not surprising then that Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie’s top priority. I, for one, cannot wait to see what becomes of the pizza chain while under his wing. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:


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