In-Depth Interview With Mark Holyoake

Marky Holyoake is an entrepreneur who founded Oakvest Holdings. He is the current CEO of his firm and many other business ventures he started, most of which were very successful. He has many great business skills necessary to start and grow a company. Many people are curious about his successful career. Below are some questions Mark was asked in an interview.

What Is A Normal Day Like For You?

For someone like Mark Holyoake, there is no such thing as living a normal day. He is involved with various projects all the time and finds he needs to be flexible with what his days hold. Even when he tries to plan a day in advance, it often never goes as planned. He says in order to be successful and get enough work done each day, he has to ebb and flow with the day as it comes. All in all, he says his most productive time of day is in the morning.

How Do You Turn Your Ideas To A Reality?

Mark thinks that the best ideas are ones that are examined by many different people before they are viable. A successful project is often the result of a great collaborative effort. He says it is essential to share your project ideas with people you trust to get additional insight and a fresh perspective. All successful people have a team of people working with them. Even the best CEOs need to involve others while in their role of leadership.

What Is A Top Business Strategy You Have Used For Supporting Growth?

One great strategy all leaders need to learn to excel in is task delegation. You cannot do everything yourself and need to find people you trust to help you. Take the time to build a leadership team that will work diligently with you for the bigger picture. With the right team by your side, you can have long-term business growth. This will also help your team feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. Strong morale in your company is necessary for continued business success. Your team wants to feel like their efforts help to progress the company.

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