Oren Frank Talkspce Chief Executive Officer

Oren Frank is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk space, the online leading mobile psychotherapy organization that has made therapy accessible and affordable to different people internationally. Talk space improves the mental crisis and wellbeing due to its effectiveness and convenience service that has helped over a million people who have been connected to licensed therapists especially those who were not able to access them but were able to get prior help through talk space.

Oren Frank and his wife had the vision of making therapy available for all, founded Talkspace in 2012. After the experience of couple’s therapy, they launched Talk space, which believes that mental health is a moral right that every individual deserves to have access to whenever the need arises. In his roles, he has been recognized as progressive in creating strategies and among the leading voices in the media marketing industry. He, however, maintains that Talk space helps him in redeeming his years that he spent in advertising.

The idea of Talk space came because of helpful personal experience from couple’s therapy that was essential in saving marriages. The thought left Oren Frank wanting to find a way of making his service professional, and that is how he came up with Talk space. Visit medium.com to learn more about Oren Frank

Oren brings ideas to life by listening to the community; however curating, cultivating and criticizing ideas is one of a constructive process that encourages new ideas as an essential part in daily lives. The hardest part in making an idea, however, requires discipline and focus and that is where many companies and cultures fail.

The habit that make Oren Frank more productive is moderation, as his view of hardwork experienced on several organization seems destructive to people from companies that are not well developed. Therefore, people need to work for reasonable hours, have a healthy lifestyle and family life as well as take vacations to enjoy their interests besides work. The decisions, therefore, are better happier and makes the organization more productive.

Overall, social media is addictive and destructive to humankind. However, if it is used in the right manners, it can regulate and maintain a public image that is needed for democracy and development. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20333655-oren-frank


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