Bhanu Choudhrie’s C&C Alpha Group Expansion in the Middle East

Bhanu Choudhrie is a UK based entrepreneur who has made his name in the financial sector. He was born in India his father being one of the famous business persons in the country as well as in the UK. Over the years, he has been venturing in capital funding and has a vast experience in it. Moreover, he is the founder of C&C Alpha Group located in Britain which is a family owned enterprise. The company is a holding firm setup for investors who has had an experience of over thirty years in the sector. Precisely, the company helps in maximizing the investors’ potentials through provision of investment strategies. To be noted, the company is focusing on aviation, healthcare, agricultural production, real estate, hospitality and utility sectors.

C&C Alpha Group has had some interest in the expansion of the Middle East in the aviation, liquid assets, tourism projects and investments sectors. Nevertheless, they are willing to take the aviation business a notch higher though its aviation school Alpha Aviation Academy in Sharjah. Currently they are training over 100 pilots in the institution despite the high cost that accompanies it. Bhanu Choudhrie says that through improving the air transport in UAE, the annual GDP will raise by approximately 15%. Following the lower percent of the women that are in the aviation career, they are willing to raise it from 3 to 20 percent. Learn more about Choudhrie at

Additionally, Bhanu Choudhrie firm has put its focus on water desalination. The company being the operator of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination in Sharjah, they increasing the water gallons supplied per day from 0.5 to 2 million gallons. He admits that the demand is growing per day and his company Alpha Utilities is in the pursuit of meeting to the citizen’s water demand. In Saudi Arabia, they are venturing in the hospitality sector through the promotion of the Ananda Hotel. The hotel is solely for fitness and holistic services. C&C Alpha Group has expanded its hotels across the world which are all luxurious destinations. To sum, Bhanu Choudhrie advises investors to take caution on their capitals by investing on the markets they are well aware off.

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