A genuine review of Talkspace

Talkspace is a text therapy platform that connects professional therapists with people with mental health conditions. Oren Frank and his wife created the app after successfully undergoing therapy to solve their marital problems. They aim to eliminate the hassle psychiatric patients have to go through in the process of getting professional help. It is embracing modern technology and incorporating it to the therapy sector.

Mental health is of utmost importance to any human being. However, finding professional therapy services have not been an easy task for most patients as they had to travel long distances to book appointments only to be scheduled days or even months ahead. Besides, the efficacy of in-person therapy has been put to question as most people with mental problems are afraid of the stigma attached to it. Thus, amid technological advancements in various industries, therapy is not left out. Through Talkspace, you can access help from a professional therapist any day at any time.

Questions have been raised about the efficacy of this app, but there’s no need for alarm. This is a genuine review of the app and the services offered through this app. Visit iamtrillyoga.com to learn more.

First, Talkspace is a legit platform. Patients with mental problems pay an access fee of $49 per week. You are then matched with a professional and certified therapist to help you regain your mental health. Once you are matched to your therapist, you can talk to them through text messages anytime you feel like. The therapists help you to overcome any mental problem through a professional approach that feels like you are talking to them in-person. Initially, the psychiatrists could not prescribe medicines for the patients, but the firm is on the verge of acquiring all the needed professionals to assist in doing so.

Talkspace have brought massive transformation and a myriad of benefits to therapy. People are often shy of seeking professional therapy. However, with Talkspace, you can anonymously access certified therapists and get your problem addressed. Additionally, you can share media such as videos, audios, and photos with your therapist to supplement therapy sessions. Besides, you can request for a therapy session easily and at your convenience.

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