Allied Wallet Gives Back To Charity

When Andy Khawaja founded Allied Wallet in 2006, he wanted to focus on three core aspects of the business. The first of these was developing a unique and innovative online payment processor that was affordable and reliable. This led to heavy investment in the technology behind the company; it’s also been one of the biggest drivers of the companies success. Allied Wallet’s success has been both critical and commercial, as not only has it developed a significant following, but it’s received a variety of awards for its technology.

This has included the likes of Best Transactions Processing Platform 2018 at the AI 2018 M&A Awards and Best Global E-Commerce Payment Processing Company at both Corporate USA Today and the Finance Elite Awards for Allied Wallet. These kinds of awards have been coming in the companies direction for years, with dozens of awards dating back to 2014. Some of these awards have focused on Andy Khawaja’s second core aspect of Allied Wallet; delivering great customer service through investing time and resources into employees.

This has meant treating employees as valued members of the family while also giving them the opportunity to grow with the company. As Allied Wallet sees it, by keeping its employees happy, this has meant to keep customers happy. Because of that, the company has a high employee retention rate, which has led them to have an extremely well-trained staff that deliver exceptional service. A lot of this can be traced back to the company culture, as employees are given all the support and tools they need to become the best version of themselves possible.

This pays off for Allied Wallet by allowing their employees to deliver better service to customers. The third aspect that Mr. Khawaja wanted to focus on was charity. Because of that, Allied Wallet has worked with dozens of charities over the past decade or so to improve the lives of military veterans, underprivileged children and a whole lot more. This is because the company sees it as its duties to work with organizations that change the world for the better. Because of that, the company has donated thousands to dozens of organizations since being founded.

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