Serge Belamant’s Technologies

Mr . Serge Belamant was born in central France, Tulle city. He attend the University of Witwatersrand in the golden city of Johannesburg in South Africa and obtained a degree in computer science. He is the co-founder of Zilch Technologies a recent technological company located in Europe in the United Kingdom. Serge Belamant has worked with several companies and has been a key role in the development of financial banking systems that have had a great impact on today’s banking activities. He also has been involved in the creation and development of payment systems that are not only widely used in South Africa in daily digital transactions but also in other parts of the world such as Iraq in the Middle East.

In an interview Mr. Serge Belmant talks about his recent company Zilch Technologies located in the UK, he states that the idea of coming up with the company was inspired by his son who is an IT engineer and owns a mobile games company, the company focuses at helping young people with better financial services and products aimed at better management of ones earnings avoiding improper spending patterns of their cash flows.

Serge Belamant successful career life has been possible through his ability in bringing great ideas to life, understanding the end users who benefit from the idea, how will they respond to the idea, analyzing the requirements and the perceived costs for your idea and then developing and bringing your idea in real life application. He believes that for coming up with an idea and putting it in use one requires to work hard and remain focused on their work to achieve goals.

As an entrepreneur Mr. Serge Belamant has been able to remain productive in his career, through his efforts in being able to get to understand the root cause of a particular problem and inventing or designing new solution to solve the problem. He also puts out that it’s good to challenge yourself about your ideas or views as a growing entrepreneur have passion and believe in yourself, this is a great way of building you up and making yourself productive in the business world.

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