High Quality Care provided by Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company based in Sussex UK. The company runs care homes and patient support services across Sussex. The homes mainly support elderly patients and adults with disabilities. The company was founded in 1998 and has served the diverse and growing needs of patients for over 20 years.

Personalized care is the secret of the success of Sussex Healthcare. The company has over a 1000 highly trained employees including doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and alternative therapists. The staff at the homes formulate an individualized care plan for each patient to ensure that they get the best possible care. The company also trains its staff to offer a personal approach while treating patients and to develop a personal relationship with the patients in their care. A wide range of services are provided to help improve the body and mind of patients. They welcome adults of all ages with physical and mental conditions that require constant care. Patients with terminal conditions are given compassionate palliative care.

Sussex healthcare offers a range of services for patients. Besides healthcare services, they also offer dental services, audiology services, a gym and day care services. Of the 20 care homes run by the company, 13 are for the care of adults with special needs and 7 are for senior citizens. The company is constantly finding ways to improve services provided at their care homes. Their goal is to improve the lives of patients in a positive way. The company assesses feedback from the staff and patients and makes efforts to correct problems and improve facilities. The staff give talks to local communities to make them aware about care homes run by the company. The company also has a dedicated IT staff who are constantly striving to improve the technology used at homes run by Sussex Healthcare. The company also supports the advancement in the careers of their staff.

Sussex healthcare is a company that dedicates funds, efforts and strategies to improve the lives and health of elderly patients in Sussex and adults with a wide range of disabilities that require dedicated and long term care. A Typical Workday at Sussex Healthcare

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