Expert Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a businessman that is expanding his tech company and his reach to help just about every company out there. Originally Alex made a name for himself by supporting companies that were starting. He still allows companies that are starting not only get off the ground but thrive. For every new company that he works with he acts like the mentor for the owner. He will help the owner know what has to happen to remain a successful business and he will help the company get off the ground. Alex makes sure that when he does leave the owner has everything he needs to stay successful for the long haul.

But now Alex is adding onto his services and going to well established companies that have gotten used to doing the same things and need to upgrade what technology they are using. Right now Alex has a favorite subject in technology which is the virtual reality as he is a technology expert in the manner. He has been going around to companies and showing them just how virtual reality can change everything they do as a company. The VR headsets can be used for communication not just with customers or with each other but with the partners that they travel to all the time.

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