Isabela dos Santos: Africa Needs a Digital Migration to Match Other Economies

Isabel dos Santos, one of Africa’s richest individuals and the Chairlady of Angola’s leading mobile service provider, Unitel, attended the European Parliament that was held in Brussels on 9th January 2019 (BBC).

Her main focus was to speak on the new technologies in Africa and how these digital tools can be used to diversify the economy and accelerate the growth of different industrial sectors like finance and agriculture. “One problem is that there is no framework of how the digital developments will be effected. For a competitive edge, Africa must become digital. Another hurdle is to educate the masses on how to employ technological tools for better business”, said Isabel.

The soft-spoken businesswoman also attended the Africa Summit on 10 January 2019. The event took place in Brussels. Isabel dos Santos spoke on the need to expand the cooperation and tighten relationships between European countries and African nations. She also reiterated why it is critical to explore opportunities to form new partnerships for improved business relations.

Isabel is an avid advocate for gender equality in politics and business. She dedicates her time to speak to young women, urging them to tap into technological opportunities and Artificial Intelligence (AI). She believes that with a PC and an internet connection, the unpaid woman can find an online business to do. Speaking to the students of Warwick University about investment opportunities in Africa, she urged the students that: Despite the burning desire to change Africa’s business environment, there is a need to have patience. You should not only set goals, but also sub-goals which are short term.

Giving Back

Besides her business success, Isabel dos Santos also supports social clinics and ventures. In all her investment companies, she dedicates a division to focus on corporate social responsibilities and well as sponsorship kitties. “My vision is to offer hope to the less fortunate. It is essential to help others, and we have incorporated that culture in all our brands. It is through that that we involve all people to play an active role in creating opportunities for everyone. Thousands of our employees have volunteered in charitable programs at the community level,” Isabel pointed out.


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