Alex Hern and the Innovation of Virtual Reality

Alex Hern has been apart of the entrepreneurial world for 25 years he has found his niche, which is technology. Hern is the founder and CEO of the most recent company Tsunami Vr. Tsunami VR is a digital software system that purpose is to include in an office setting. The software is widely known as virtual reality is most commonly used in the entertainment and gaming world, but Hern is now influencing of virtual reality to become more accepted and valuable to use in the workplace.

The Tsunami Vr uses virtual reality technology, which allows the user to have an interactive experience in order to improve global businesses. The Tsunami Vr has a workspace that allows the users to collaborate and share ideas. The workspace allows you to also engage in video conferences. Hern invented the Tsunami VR in an innovation to how those in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and many other industries to improve their communication.

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