Wes Edens

Wes was born in the 1960s and is reputable for being among the co-founders of Fortress, as well as being a sole owner of a basketball team. Wes Edens attended Oregon University where he studied business administration and finance.

Before he became part of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens worked at a number of organizations holding executive positions. Some of the organizations included the Lehman Brothers Co. as well as the Black Rock Financial Management. By March last year, Wes’ wealth was estimated at $40.9 billion. Visit Wes Edens on facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Wes Edens facilitated the purchase of a number of companies by Fortress Investment Group which actually helped in raising revenue for the firm. Among the firms that were purchased included the Centex Home Equity Company which was at the time a mortgage lender, as well as the American General Finance which was known for being a prime lender. The Wall Street Journal recognized Wes Edens for such business moves which had led Fortress into the much-needed success.

He is not only a board room warrior but also a very huge sports fan. It is through his love for basketball that he offered to purchase the famous basketball team known as Milwaukee Bucks. Wes bought the team for an estimated amount of $550 in 2014.

While purchasing the team, he also promised to ensure that there would be a new arena bearing the team’s name and that the construction would begin almost immediately. The arena would be constructed at Wisconsin and would hold a big capacity of spectators just like other international arenas.

Still, in 2014, Wes Edens founded the New Fortress Energy Company whose main aim was and still is to facilitate the acceleration of the world’s transition to renewable energy that is also clean. The New Fortress Energy began by the development of plant for liquefied natural gas in the Miami region which was a success, and many other plants are to follow according to Wes Edens.

Aside from just being the founder of this new company, Wes is the overall head of all business and market development strategies and activities. He has recently facilitated the partnership of the company with Jamaica to come up with a liquefied natural gas terminal.

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