Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

In 1951, Eucatex Group of Companies was established by the Maluf Family as the largest source of insulation and liners. For all the products made by the company, eucalyptus is the primary raw material. In the recent past, the company started exporting most of their products to the outside world and the industrial construction companies. Eucatex Group is run under the two main segments.

The Construction Industry: this is the only portion of the company that deals in the provision of construction materials and products. For the enterprise, they are always delighted in the creation of environmental-friendly products. In this department, Eucatex Group of Companies produces paints, doors, and laminate floors.

The Furniture Industry: Eucatex Group is one of the largest sources of wood fiber plates used in making all these products. For them, they engage in the issuance of goods using eucalyptus as the main material. Tamburato and MDP are the main products of Eucatex Group. They also produce these products using world-class technology.  Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Eucatex Group is headed by Flavio Maluf as the as the Chairman and Executive President of the company. For more than a decade, he worked in various sections of the company before achieving the highest position in Eucatex Group. When he joined the company in 1987, he commenced his duties by working at the trading department of Eucatex Group. During his era in this department, he worked to see the company start exporting goods to other parts of the world including the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. He moved on to work at the manufacturing department where he used to work for five years before appointed as an executive board member of the company. During that time, his uncle was the president of Eucatex Group. His family agreed to promote him to become the next president f Eucatex Group.

When he started working as the president, he started modernizing the company operations and management. In this category of innovation, all workers are given a target to complete to achieve the highest score in the company. For this reason, they end up working to get better business through innovation.

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